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[Request] Bios Mod for HP Elitebook 1030 G2 "Test/Prototype"
Hi guys,

I got an Hp Elitebook 1030 g2 with this configuration except the SSD:

When I start the thing I get "Bios is not for production use". Once I am in Windows 10 ("for test use only") there are alot of weird executables on the Desktop. Turns out this is a HP "test / prototype" model from 2/2016.

I installed a fresh copy of Windows and everything works (not perfectly) except autorotation, Fingerprint but most importantly the graphicchip isnt working correctly. I7-7600u Intel HD620

With the newest Intel drivers the display started to glitch and only stopped when I switched to 30 Hz and back to 60hz.

Now to the Bios. The bios shows a serial number of completly different hp laptop and let me up the VRAM only to 512 MB. My guess is that this experimental bios is limiting the graphic chip somehow and is designed for the testing environment that was installed beforehand.

I downloaded the official hp bios and tried installing it. The experimental Bios on this machine does not let me install it because of a signature error.

So I thought maybe it is possible to alter the official Bios with the signature of the experimental one or add an working VBios to the current bios. I looked into and tried programms like Uefipatch, Universal Bios Updated but I donnot understand a thing.

Maybe anyone on this forum can help me out?

I uploaded the current bios P80_8030 and the newest official P80_0123. In addition my bios config in a txt and some pictures.

If you need any more information or files I ll provide.

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.bin   P80_0123.bin (Size: 9 MB / Downloads: 0)

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