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[Request] HP Pavilion g6-1xxx whitelist removal
Hello guys, original wi-fi card was broken, so i bought new one - Atheros AR9285 ( AR5B195).
And like all, got an error at startup screen...

Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : HP
Motherboard model : Pavilion G6 1C75CA
-Bios Revision : F37
-Bios Type : Insyde
-Bios Link :
-RW everything report :
-Current original card (like): PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0032&SUBSYS_1785103C&REV_01 ( Atheros ar9485 )

-Card to be added : Atheros ar9285 ( AR5B195)

Previous card - Atheros AR9485 and Realtek RTL8188CE
I was trying to remove whitelist by myself, but it turns out too hard for me.
If somebody can help with this, or give some information, i'll be very thankful.
I've recently started looking into upgrading my wifi card, but have not gotten much with HP support forum. I have the same bios version on my HP Pavilion G6t-1d00.
I'd be interested in a whitelist removal as well for Insyde Bios version F37.

-Current wifi card: Realtek RTL8188CE
-Card to be added : uncertain

Thank you!

I've searched the repository and forums and don't see a current or previous version modded BIOS for this machine, so I would like to request a wifi/whitelist removal for:

Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
Model: HP Pavilion G6-1B33CA
Bios revision: F.37
Bios Type: Insyde
Bios Download Link:


Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
Model: HP Pavilion G6-1C35DX
Bios revision: F.37
Bios Type: Insyde
Bios Download Link:
SP6 BIOS is not moddable, you can trying going to a old SP5 and we then I can try to mod it

Here is HP's latest version for the G6t

Thank you!
Hello, I'm new to this forum and would like some clarification/help on the "WLAN Module ID (704)" issue I'm facing. I'd like the Whitelist Removed.
Thanks in Advance.


HP Pavilion g6-1b79dx
Original WLAN Card: Ralink RT5390; Vendor 1814, Device 5390


F.16 Rev. A (sp53230)

F.37 Rev. A (sp61005)
- Notebook: HP Pavilion G6-1d53ca
- Bios Version: sp61005.exe
                       Version: F.37 ; Release date: Mar 18, 2013
- Bios File from HP website:                  
- Product: A7G83UA#ABC
- Current WiFi: BROADCOM BCM94313HMGB

HP doesn't offer a single option for a 5GHz card and I really want to upgrade it. Current WiFi card is a piece of junk. Only supports 2.4GHz and really slow.

Would greatly appreciate your help with getting Whitelist removed so I can install Intel 7260 + BT 4.0 combo or something similar to it.

Thank you in advance.
Can someone help me figure out how to remove the whitelist for WIFI so I can use the WIFI cards listed below.  I would also like to remove the whitelist for CPU, it won't boot with Arendale i5-580M only its stock B940M processor

[SOLVED] see last edit

Card I would like to Modify the IDs to get through the whitelist check:

Vendor and Device ID
1a3b:2123 Rev 03
From Windows

Download Link to Manufacturer Bios

My SPI programmer backup file an earlier version Bios link version F34


I have tried every single Bios Mod from repository none work, not one single one will install.   I am on 64 bit windows 10 and that Insyde bios installer is 32 bit.  Should I try some other installer?  Is the Bios I have linked able to be modded?

Edited Again 4-16-18:

I updated the wifi IDs using PhoenixTools256 and Winhex since HxD gave some complaints with PhoenixTool.  My part was rather simple but the Checksums for the unmodified bios versus modified one are different according to my Xeltek SPI burner software and the modified one won't boot.  Could this have something to do with PhoenixTools or the RSA/SHA1 checks within the Bios image?  My image is Pre SP6000.exe series revision F.34.

Unmodified Bios Checksum: 2EA09A3FH   < No longer an issue after SecurityFix
Modified Bios Checksum:     2EA3632BH

-Manufacturer: Hewlett Packer
-Motherboard Model: G6-1d28dx
-Bios revision: F.34
-Bios Type: Insyde
-Bios Download Link:
-Current original card: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&SUBSYS_1795103C&REV_01
-Card to be added: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_43B1&SUBSYS_21231A3B&REV_03

Module 1540 has the WiFi ID change from E41427473C109517   To   E414B1433B1A2321

If you want to have a peak link to Modified Bios:

Edited again today 4-19-2018:

I was successful at removing the security check, thanks to CodeRush's mod and updating my WiFi ID but there still lingers the BT ID somewhere and can't find it in module 1454 and 1540.

Bluetooth current:

Mac Address: 64:27:37:c0:07:b4

New one:

Mac Address: 00:6b:9e:06:03:94

Edited 4-22-2018

Link to Bios with only Security Fix and no other mods done:

Edited 4-30-2018

After weeks of trying to figure out what to change in module "91472655-50E0-4D81-9AF6-239E6F431B8C" using IDA Pro, JN, JZ or JNZ to JMP, just spent too much time in IDA Pro staring around when Serg008 over at MDL helped me out.   Still studying the changes that were made in order to possible help others but that will be a long while if I ever do fully understand what was done and from comparing the unmodified module to the one he modified its beyond me how he figured it out.
Hello everyone,
I searched the site and I couldn't find anyone that had happened to have modded the BIOS for the mentioned HP computer's BIOS. I put a new wifi card in and of course got the dreaded message that the BIOS didn't like it. Can someone tweak that particular BIOS setting for me please? It's an Insyde F37 I believe. Thank you if you're able to!

How do I use the latest ROM to update my BIOS?

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