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[Unlocked] Acer aspire One d257 advance menu request
If you tell me 1.14 has super neccesary fixes or improvements by manufacturer will unlock it also, but if it's just for the pleasure of updating to last without a need ... u know, my time is valuable for other real interesting things.

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
Hi to all,I wont to ask you is it possible to overcklock CPU with this unlocked bios ..?And if it is ,than how ?
Sorry for any delays, i will try now and will let you know. Thank you very much.

It worked perfect, you have been of great help.
tommorrow after my paycheck comes in i will donate.

Hey camilomi,
today I got an new Acer Aspire D 257 Bios Vers. 1.14. - link above
I am also very interested in an unlocked und Slic2.1- bios. Can you please help me?
Sorry for the long wait about testing...

tested v1.12 unlocked AAO 257 Bios with my meego device.

tested succesfully... no problems.

things to know about the unlocked bios:

1. no you cant overclock your AAO 257
2. you have to reinstall synaptics touchpad driver on win 7 pro 32 bit
3. (not sure about) you can activate a 4. usb device -> windows will recognize it as card reader and the card reader seems to work under windows as usb device - but not able to boot from it.
4. not really usefull if you are a normal user because optimal biossettings were made by acer - you are loosing warraty if you install it!!!! (and its because of lack of advantages not recommend to install it as an average user)

and hey ubuntu 11.10 loads bluetooth drivers... perhaps there is a bluetooth device in the meego version an now activated... have to look about in my freetime...

bye ms
hey camilom the bios u posted for aod257 is completly unlocked, EXEPT for the VT option in CPU menu is still HIDDEN . i need to unable virtualization but no option to do so please unlock it if you can. thanks in advance
I'm sorry to inform you that D257 bios in any of the versions 1.10, 1.12, 1.14 lack the option in bios to enable hardware virtualization.

This is the map of configurable objects in this machine bios.

0x2: PCI Slot3 IRQ Priority
0x3: PCI Slot4 IRQ Priority
0x8: Numlock
0xa: Serial Port A
0xb: Base I/O Address
0xc: Interrupt
0xf: Infrared Port
0x10: Base I/O Address
0x11: Interrupt
0x13: DMA Channel
0x33: Azalia
0x36: IDE Controller
0x39: HDC Configure As
0x3e: Type :
0x3f: 32Bit I/O:
0x40: Block Mode:
0x41: Transfer Mode:
0x42: Type :
0x43: 32Bit I/O:
0x44: Block Mode:
0x45: Transfer Mode:
0x4f: USB Legacy
0x50: PCI Latency Timer
0x51: Extended Configuration
0x58: FACP - C2 Latency Value
0x59: FACP - C3 Latency Value
0x5a: FACP - RTC S4 Wakeup
0x5b: APIC - IO APIC Mode
0x5c: HPET - HPET Support
0x5d: Base Address Select
0x63: USB Boot
0x67: ACPI Selection
0x72: Quick Boot
0x73: Quiet Boot:
0x74: Network Boot:
0x7e: UEFI Boot
0x85: User Access Level
0x8a: ACPI S3
0x8b: Wake on PME
0x8c: Wake on Modem Ring
0x8d: Auto Wake on S5
0xa2: Set Supervisor Password [Enter]
0xa4: Password on Boot:
0xa8: Unlock HDD Security
0xb0: Set Master Hdd Password
0xe6: Lan
0xe7: AHCI interface support
0xe8: SATA Port 0 HotPlug
0xe9: SATA Port 1 HotPlug
0xec: PEG Aperture Size
0xed: IGD - Device2,Function1
0xee: IGD - Pre-Allocated Memory
0xef: IGD - DVMT Size
0xf1: EHCI 1
0xf2: UHCI 1
0xf3: UHCI 2
0xf4: UHCI 3
0xf5: UHCI 4
0xf6: Port 80h Cycles
0xf7: ASF Support
0xf8: AMT Setup Option
0xf9: ASF Boot Target
0xfa: Enable AMT Extensions
0xfb: Enable AMT IDER
0xfc: Enable AMT SOL
0xfd: PCI Express Root Port 1
0xfe: PCI Express Root Port 2
0xff: PCI Express Root Port 3
0x100: PCI Express Root Port 4
0x103: ASPM
0x104: ASPM
0x105: ASPM
0x106: ASPM
0x109: VC1 Enable
0x10a: VC1 Enable
0x10b: VC1 Enable
0x10c: VC1 Enable
0x10f: Automatic ASPM
0x110: Automatic ASPM
0x111: Automatic ASPM
0x112: Automatic ASPM
0x115: ASPM L0s
0x116: ASPM L0s
0x117: ASPM L0s
0x118: ASPM L0s
0x11b: ASPM L1
0x11c: ASPM L1
0x11d: ASPM L1
0x11e: ASPM L1
0x127: URR
0x128: URR
0x129: URR
0x12a: URR
0x12d: FER
0x12e: FER
0x12f: FER
0x130: FER
0x133: NFER
0x134: NFER
0x135: NFER
0x136: NFER
0x139: CER
0x13a: CER
0x13b: CER
0x13c: CER
0x13f: CTO
0x140: CTO
0x141: CTO
0x142: CTO
0x145: PME Interrupt
0x146: PME Interrupt
0x147: PME Interrupt
0x148: PME Interrupt
0x14b: SEFE
0x14c: SEFE
0x14d: SEFE
0x14e: SEFE
0x151: SENFE
0x152: SENFE
0x153: SENFE
0x154: SENFE
0x157: SECE
0x158: SECE
0x159: SECE
0x15a: SECE
0x15d: PME SCI
0x15e: PME SCI
0x15f: PME SCI
0x160: PME SCI
0x163: Hot Plug SCI
0x164: Hot Plug SCI
0x165: Hot Plug SCI
0x166: Hot Plug SCI
0x169: VC1/TC Mapping
0x16a: VC1/TC Mapping
0x16b: VC1/TC Mapping
0x16c: VC1/TC Mapping
0x17a: IST Configuration
0x17b: Thermal Mode
0x17d: Throttle On Temperature
0x17e: Use XD Capability
0x17f: PCI Clock Run
0x182: EMTTM
0x183: Bi-Directional PROCHOT#
0x184: Dynamic FSB Switching
0x185: Turbo Mode
0x186: ACPI 3.0 T-States
0x188: POPUP Support
0x189: POPDOWN Support
0x18a: C4 Exit Timing Mode
0x18f: C-State Support
0x190: Enhanced C-States Enable:
0x192: Hard C4E
0x196: DTS Enable
0x197: DTS Calibration Enable
0x199: Express Card
0x19c: Wake on PCI-E PME
0x1a8: HT Support
0x1aa: Fast Boot
0x212: F12 Boot Menu:
0x213: D2D Recovery:

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
how about version 1.04 and 1.08 is the option for VT exist,if so, can u unlock it ?? if this is not possible, is there any version of bios that will work with aod257 and get VT to be enabled.
since the cpu is capable of VT.
thanks in advance.

Don't believe older versions have that option, in fact menu module is same for 1.10, 1.12 and 1.14

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
this sucks has to be a way around it man?? it has to be an alternative to get VT up and enabled

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