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[request] Jumper Ezbook X4 BIOS dump&unlock
Hi all,
I'm sorry to have just 1 message here and already need for help but I'm stucked after a repair to my Jumper ezbook x4.
The laptop is fully working, except for the battery charge that doesn't show the correct %(stucked at 63%) after I replaced the stock 4800mah battery with a custom one that I made with 8400mah. Voltage is the same 7.6V, but it looks like windows reccon it has a 4800mah unit, therefore it cannot fully charge.
That's why I'm asking for the bios unlock, because there may be a SW side workaround to the problem.
Last but not the least, there are no records online of a dumped BIOS so I guess I will have to dump it myselfe..but how?
It runs an intel n4100 and you can find the screenshot of the main bios page as attchment.

Thanks you in advance and sorry for the long explanation of the problem.

ps: I'd be more than willing to tip whoever is gonna give an hand.

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