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[solved] p5kc bios need ahci

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
Ok this night i put my computer to sleep, not turn off just sleep state (not hibernate). And this morning when i woke it up it was nearly not responding at all. I showed me windows.
I had to shut it off and reset.

If it installed the AHCI drivers in windows than the AHCI worked.

@Antinomy: What is AHCI for? in your opinion?

i will attach some screens for you:
(some explanations for the screens, i have two HDD, WD BLUE 320GB SATA-II 3Gb/s and WD BLACK 1TB SATA-III 6Gb/s, normally i have them connected to the standard SATA connectors, but once "jmicron" screen i connected the faster SATA-III disk to the jmicron controller internal SATA just for testing. Interesting was the buffered read on jmicron controller much higher than the standard controller on mobo)

bultin - standard SATA, jmicron disabled, org bios 1203
jmicron - WD BLUE on standard SATA, WD BLACK on Jmicron SATA, org BIOS
AHCI - standard SATA, jmicron disabled, camiloml v2 modded bios, intel newest AHCI driver installed

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Quote:What is AHCI for? in your opinion?
It's main advantage can be seen on SSD. Neither AHCI nor SATA3 don't give anything for HDD. Most HDD speed is limited to SATA1. Some get a tiny bit above (SATA2 is more than enough). All other stuff for HDD is just marketing.
But when we turn to SSD, read speed of 450-500MB/s is real and this is where we see SATA3 in work.
compare these pictures. The 4K-64thread read score. This is what AHCI is for Smile this is why everybody's after it for SSD.
i started with this because my SATA HDD was slower in windows files copy than my friends PATA HDD. this got me angry!!
Thank you for your work!
Rumcyse, run a defragmentation utility.
(09-07-2011, 04:12 PM)camiloml Wrote: There are many versions of p5kc, epu, se, .... Each one needs its own bios. Ensure this is for your board cause it's reported working.

Also trying resseting cmos and rebooting before activating ahci.

this is the file, it has 35 downloads now, and only you find it not working. :-?¿

This one is the mentioned v2 in earlier posts, compare with the one you have downloaded.

i tested your mod. BIOS Rolleyes > p5kc-1203_slic-ahci_v2.rom and ASUS P5KC Board Rev 1.03G. Flash it with ASUS EZ-Flash 2 (Alt+F2) from USB-Stick.
After flashing mod. Win7 64bit registry (ahci driver), restart, set SATA to ahci and reboot. no problems, all hardware+Win7 works fine for me. Great job, thx Exclamation

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.jpg   BIOS_AHCI.jpg (Size: 266.13 KB / Downloads: 121)
First of all, thank you Camiloml Smile

I used the file version p5kc-1203_slic-ahci_v2 for my p5kc rev1.xx

Bios install went smooth, although I had to modify register (while still on IDE) because my windows 7 64bit was refusing to boot otherwise.

Exactly like Rumcyse, my safely removal icon is always on though... oh well.

For everyone getting blue screens after installing the modded BIOS, you can modify this string:


You can find it in Windows registry: all you have to do is modify START value to 0.

Hope this helps Smile
Hi , i wish i could find you few days ago when i sold mi SSD SadSad , now i have to buy a new one , because it works Big GrinDBig GrinBig Grin:Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin i tried V2 and now i have AHCI on sata config menu DBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Thank for your outstanding work .

Hello I can confirm that this BIOS mod works in AHCI I just installed it and did some testing works good.

but i still need help please! i took some screen shots of my PC and Notebook they both have a SSD as the C drive.

in my HP Pavilion dv6 3120us Notebook
BIOS f.28 - link
AHCI is enabled in the Notebook but the BIOS is locked so no real way to find out ?

Notebook screen shots
[Image: wjl6s.jpg]
in that picture the middle one there's a unsafe shutdown count its at 1 and it stays at 1 and the power cycle count is 15 normal activity with the Notebook
[Image: 20a58nm.png]
and in that picture there is no USB icon at all times.

and my Desktop Computer Screen shots this one has the P5KC Mod
[Image: 2zoirsn.jpg]
in that image you can see the power cycle count and the unsafe shutdown count are almost the same every time i turn off my PC then turn it back on all the numbers go up by 1 but the Notebook does not do this and when i use those SSD on the notebook the numbers don't go up just the power cycle count.
[Image: hvnm8m.jpg]
in that image there's a USB icon at all times

on the Intel forums under Intel SSD 520 Series 120GB there is a couple of people talking about the Intel Tool Box and the SMART thing they say its a error just ignore it SMART does nothing those numbers mean nothing ? but in my Notebook it does not do that i cant join the Intel forums its impossible to register Sad

I just wanted to know if you can look at the HP bios f.28 and see if it has to do with the bios ? maybe HP has some stuff that works with smart and it can send a safe shutdown command to the SSD ?

both PC and Notebook have the same install of fresh windows 7 Home premium service pack 1 no added drivers just the video card drivers is all i added

i also read someplace that the P5KC is no good because of the ICH9 controller

is there a way to go back to the normal ASUS P5KC BIOS so i can test and see if the unsafe shutdown still occurs ? any help would be appreciated and the weird part is everything works just fine. can i use the SSD in IDE mode ? by impulse i was told to use AHCI so i saw this forum and installed the BIOS MOD before testing IDE mode

should i revert back to the normal ASUS P5KC BIOS if so how ? and just use my SSD in IDE mode since this motherboard is old and is no good

i'm watching the Intel forums but nobody sees this as a problem they say ignore it ?

trim is working with the P5KC BIOS MOD i did the command check thing and its at 0 but in IDE mode im sure it will be at 1 and there will be no trim support ? but the tool box can do that maybe any tips or help i would really appreciate it Big Grin

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