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[solved] p5kc bios need ahci
Hey @EDECAT thanks for sharing around, both tested OK, if yes good! Big Grin
I found this page by doing a google search since I was trying to enable AHCI on my MIL's computer. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why IDE was the only option. This hacked bios file did the trick although windows initially hung on the windows 10 logo on first boot with clr cmoss enabled on the flash and it still being set on IDE. Nothing a hardreset didn't fix. Booted into windows just fine the second time edited the reg to 0 and rebooted to bios selecting ahci. Now device manager shows AHCI for drive controller. Thanks a million.

If only there were working Network adapter drivers for this board. What they were thinking WHQLing the newest version when all it does is show it's there and not actually connect is beyond me.

Big shout out to Camiloml for making this bios hack.

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