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Full Version: Dell OptiPlex GX520 & GX620: CPU Upgrade to P4 and Pentium D
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HI admin,
I need your help, NoJuan999 commend the forum to me, would you help to add support for P4 641 to DELL GX620 bios ? or modify the BIOS to disable the alert during POST?

Thanks in advance.

My computer is DELL GX520 , MB is made by DELL, I only konw the chipset is intel 945.

Attached SLICM09_GX620A11.rar is GX520 BIOS with SLIC 2.1 M09

CPU info: P4 641 intel link --

I upgraded my CPU from P4 531 to P4 641 and now all I get is "Alert!Incompatible processor detected" during POST, I press F1 to continue, everything is OK, OS can identify P4 641 CPU.

Error Message:"Alert! incompatible processor detected
Strike the F1 to continue,F2 to run the setup utility "

original post:
As per rules and regulations in this forum , please can you provide us with a Link To Donor Bios - This is another BIOS which uses the same chipset and is preferably from the same vendor and supports the CPU you want us to add support for. Without this we cannot mod!

This information will help us to help you!

Kind Regards
Hi & thanks for your answer in another forum somewhere.

I've got a GX520.
This model uses the same bios as GX620 and updating from manufacturer has been EOL-ed since 2007.

I too am interested in how to insert a new microcode.

After todays chat with my co=admin this is not currently possible as we can only do cpu mods on Award bioses , this is a Phoenix bios.

Will keep you posted if we discover anything new , but dont expect an answer for some time

never mind, I found the error message is in "0B_9.ROM", I tried to modify it, but failed. seems the ROM can not be modified.
Is there any possibility that disable the error message ? I never ever want to see it during POST. attached "DUMP.rar" is all the ROM.
simply editing a text string wont work. The only way in which you could solve this for us to manage to insert valid microcode into the bios so it can identify the new processor , hence no message

Well, that isn't entirely true. Yoyu can add microcode to a phoenix bios, which is probably all this needs, but I would need to find the CPUID of this CPU.

Ah i see , thanks for the clarification TheWiz Big Grin

Anday1 , please post a CPU-Z screenshot (They show CPU ID's dont they??)

Thanks to you all, the CPU ID is "0F65" and MB is intel 945G; attached photo is processor ID and specifications
Hi TheWiz,

Presupposing the following processors do work on GX520 only with warning skippable by pressing the F1 key...

1. "SL9KE", one of the Cedar Mill 651 processors, has the same stepping (D0) and same CPUID (0F65) as anday1's one (SL9KF) and
is defferent in the clock speed (3.4 GHz) apparently. Will an additional microcode or replacing the code be needed for killing the warning even though the bios has the one for SL9KF already?

2. If yes, is it possible or not to add new microcodes in a way, say, as a table should I the table on the page below:
(I know all of these do not work on GX520, only some will do, but suppose that)

I'm also looking at:

Thanks in advance.
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