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(10-04-2021, 03:40 PM)Maxinator500 Wrote:
(10-04-2021, 03:26 PM)pitu20012 Wrote: Yes
Well, at least I couldn't influence it. I just changed the location of BIOS settings in the table. And, unfortunately, this is the limit of my capabilities regarding the activation of XMP profiles in your BIOS. I'm sorry.
Maybe if I know exact XMP values you can put this into BIOS?
(10-06-2021, 06:46 AM)pitu20012 Wrote: Maybe if I know exact XMP values you can put this into BIOS?
There's no way I can do this.
(02-21-2021, 12:11 AM)I am also looking for this BiOS for my Clevo W370ST. Please help me. Thank you. Wrote: Could someone please send me a prema modified bios for the Clevo model W35xSTQ_370ST?

Thanks in advance
(12-05-2021, 07:32 PM)benbeosh Wrote:
(02-21-2021, 12:11 AM)I am also looking for this BiOS for my Clevo W370ST. Please help me. Thank you. Wrote: Could someone please send me a prema modified bios for the Clevo model W35xSTQ_370ST?

Thanks in advance

Hello, you need to ask Prema. You can do it in these place:
Please im looking for a compatible bios for a Clevo PC50HS I've got the Oryx Pro 8. and I absolutely HATE the CoreBoot Bios and the EC they are using. its not compatable at all with any of the fan programs made for clevo nor do the led keyboard programs work. ive got a RTX 3080 16GB in mine.

if anyone has a bios for this model id love a copy or a bios update that works would be great as well.
Hello prema,
I wanted to tell you that I have problems when changing my motherboard from a Clevo P771zm. The problem is that the image does not appear on the laptop but it does on HDMI and I have been informing myself where the problem could be the version of the motherboard that is a lower version V3.1 and not 3.2. the question is that in Windows it detects that the screen is always at 240hz and of course it doesn't support it and I understand that it looks black for that reason. I would like to know if it is possible to get the PREMAMOD BIOS for Clevo P771zm because it has many options to configure the motherboard and the graphics card and the BIOS that I have now does not let me do anything. They tell me that it could be a problem of misinterpretation of the memory by the motherboard.
Thanks a lot
a greeting
Please helpme
I'm looking for a modified bios for the Clevo W350st/W350stq, does anybody have one please?
thank you
please i need a bios flash file for clevo w350st my laptop shut down after 30 minutes
Hey I'm looking for the latest Prema Mod BIOS for my W230SD. Does anyone have it? Or does anyone know where to find it? Or could anyone mod the latest stock BIOS?
Thank you so much!

PS: do you think modding the BIOS would allow to install 32GB of RAM?
Hi everyone,
    So I have a Clevo laptop, I am trying to add my own logo. I have access to all current CLEVO laptop Bios's (no I will not tell you how or where to get them) I will be glad to help you guys out by getting bios files for you, but I would also like some help myself.
  Here is what I have done so far. I have the current bios from my Clevo source. I have used Aptio Logochanger to load my logo into the current bios file. I have even verified it is save after changing it. However, when I use MESET and then Flashme to load the bios file it looks as though it flashes successfully, but my logo is still not showing on the boot. It still show that darn "Style Note" logo.

Hey, if you're still around, I'd like to get a current BIOS for my laptop if you are able to.

Model is the Clevo P770DM-G (has the i7-6700K and the GTX 970m)

If there is a fully unlocked BIOS, that would be sweet, and to get the stock BIOS logo back instead of "ProStar"

Thank you for your time and any input you may be able to provide..    
  Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will in turn help anyone I can.
Thanks!  laptop model: P65_P67RGRERA  series

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