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Abit An52 v1.0 Blueboard
According to abit, since update 16 ( ) the board has support for Phenom 1, however there is no specification of what exactly is supported or wattage is supported.

" 1. Update CPU Micro code to support Phenom CPU and Athlon 4X50 series and Sempron X2 CPU. (The S3 return fails when used Phenom CPU, this issue is chipset issue.)
2. BIOS compiled date: 06/30/2008."

Knowing what cpu's this can run and if it can be modified to support the am3 line of chips would be helpful, like for instance a Athlon II x4 620 or Phenom II x4 925.
On another note, the chipset is nforce520. I am unsure of a board with similar bios for the same chipset that can be used as an example medium.

Look forward to your response. Thank you. Big Grin

Update: little bit of research the board can do 125watt.
Ok did some more research, so far this is the only board I've found that has a nforce520 that doesn't look to be an LE that says it supports am3 and the Phenom II's.

It's a Biostar NF520D3

The an52 is an award bios, and I believe the biostar to be an award bios as well, but cbrom will not open it.
The biostar one is actually an AMI bios which is why it wont open in cbrom and theres not enough free space in the abit bios to insert the new AGESA and Microcode modules (even when i remove the splash screen logo!)

Will look for another board

Ah, wasn't aware that the biostar was ami, should have checked with mmtool, sorry about that.

I do thank you for looking into it though. Big Grin
After even more digging, found and confirmed 2 award bios's that support Phenom II and Athlon II chips on the nforce 520.

Biostar NF520 A2G+ Ver. 6.x

and Biostar NF520-A2 TE Ver. 6.x

If what I've been reading is correct, nforce520 would be mcp65? Which should be the same roughly as nforce 560? If so should I be looking for 560 chipset boards as well if these 2 do not work?
OK , i will try extracting microcode out of Biostar NF520-A2 TE and inserting it into your Abit board

However , theres still an issue of space , once i update the AGESA module in your bios you only have 0.85kb of free space left and the new microcode file is 8kb bigger than the existing one. Even if i delete the splash screen logo there isnt enough space.

Do you use the LAN / RAID on your board? If you dont use one of these i can delete that rom instead which will give enough space to insert the new Phenom Microcode

I do use lan, but I do not use the raid on it. So if the raid being removed works, go for it, however I cannot remember if I use ahci.
OK try this at your own risk , RAID removed , LAN still present , Updated AGESA and Microcode

This modified BIOS file does not work. I get completely blank screen upon turning my computer on. So.. my MOBO is fried, I suppose. I will try some of the BIOS recovery options, but I already bought a new board because I thought I made a nice paperweight already. When I do that recovery attempt, I will wr
ite back.
attempted recovery, didn't work.

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