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A Learning Guide for Using Modbin6 for Award BIOS
Hi TiMN8R,

The Phoenix Award platform isa completly different BIOS, it is simply name liked that becaused they bought out Award years ago. To try to open your file, I reccomend downloading the Phoenix BIOS Editor 2.2 from the downloads page.

www find
how long does it usually take for the bios to load?
I've been waiting for like 10 minutes already. It's still loading.
ok, i got a dumb question, but it's bugging me.
When you say "Then you can go ahead and move the Advanced Bios Options menu out of the power tab and back above the map, with the other hidden menus. "
Do you mean the Power Management ?
Cause after i saved and loaded it back up everything was fine, except the Advanced Bios Options were already at the top, so i didn't have to do anything after that, i think.
Am i all set?
Well, I'm a newbie and am trying to make just some changes to the default options of some bios of company computers using Modbin32. I read all tutorial, threads, made several searches, but I have a problem and do not know what is happening.

I open the bios with the Modbin32, change all the options I want and save it with another name. To test (as recommended) I try to open the modded bios and Modbin32 begins to open it, but it closes and appears a message saying "boot block not found".

I tried with several Gigabyte bios (GA8s661FX-MPRZ, GA-G31MS2L, ...) and this happens to all of them. Is there a "trick" that I have to do when save the bios?
My bios file is .f11 extension, I can't open it with cbrom or modbin6. Please help
Hello, I tried to mod an Acer Aspire t671 R01-B0 bios to unhide SATA controller settings (AHCI and RAID).
I used modbin6, saved the bios and now if I reload it with modbin6 everything seems ok.
Is it safe to flash this bios? The MB has an old flash rom and not a spi flash so I can't backup the bios with the flasher before proceeding.
Here's the pack with original and modded bios (AHCI.BIN), what do you think?
Thanks for the great tutorial

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