WIFI Whitelist Removal Petition

Recently one of our forum members, EvanCarroll, started an online petition to request the removal of WIFI whitelists from Lenovo bios. I highly encourage everyone here to support this effort by taking a minute out of your day to sign it. If an online petition can get 270,000+ signatures supporting the deportation of Justin Bieber, then we should at least be able to get a few thousand to support the removal of WIFI whitelists. Thanks! ­čśÇ

Sign The Petition Here!

27 Responses to “WIFI Whitelist Removal Petition”

  • murzik:

    Then it is possible for my laptop remove the white list
    -Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : Lenovo B590 (20208)
    -Bios Revision : LENOVO-H1ET75WW(1.18)
    -Bios Type : Phoenix EFI
    -Bios backup : http://rghost.ru/55722539

  • Sure with the Yoga 13 could allow the 7260NGW (Intel┬« Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260)

  • Bob:

    Manufacturer: DELL
    Model: XPS M1330
    BIOS type: Phoenix
    BIOS Ver: A15
    BIOS Link : ftp://ftp.us.dell.com/bios/M1330A15.EXE

    Please, remove WWLAN (& WIFI) whitelists from DELL bios!

  • Miles:

    Please, remove white listing from the bios.

  • Ferry Heibrink:

    Not Lenovo but in this case an HP laptop.
    For private use this is my first AND last HP laptop. Had to use a hacked bios to make use of a PROPER WiFi card. The standard WiFi card was really crappy.

    Unfortunately when accessing the bios or pressing any key during reboot the laptop bricks and I have to flash back to original, replace the WiFi card, make my settings and re-flash to hacked bios and replace the card. That should not be necessary.

    Please remove these restrictions

  • maurizio:

    great forum
    informations must be free and shared!

  • Beno Zidari─Ź:

    WhiteListe removal for T530 Would be great…

  • Helder Gon├žalves:


    Whitelist for a product that pay is something undestandible and in my point of view an abuse of the Laptop Builders.
    They shouldn’t do that, that’s not the way to get an custumer.
    It’s wrog and unfair.

    I’ve and HP G62-A10EP and can’t upgrade my Wifi to an 300Mbit!!!


  • Clint VanRoekel:

    OK, so Lenovo wants us to buy a new laptop from them rather than upgrading an older machine. But will we buy another Lenovo with a whitelist that blocks installation of new hardware? Not happening…..

  • Mike DePlanche:

    Lenovo, HP, DELL and all others that use a white List to lock up all Desktops or Laptops to prevent anyone to upgrade their computer at anytime. If ASUS and others can build there systems without a white list so can you. I have no problem going to another company that has an open BIOS to prevent anyone to upgrade any part of the computer.

    • EP:

      In response to Mike DePlanche: actually Mike, Dell did NOT have any BIOS whitelist restrictions on many older Dell laptops, at least none that I’m aware of.

      I’m using my mother’s old Dell Inspiron 640m/e1405 laptop which used to have an Intel 3945abg wireless card and replaced it with an Intel 5100agn wifi card and her laptop booted worked with the 5100 card – no such modded Dell BIOS was needed.

      And note to Bob: NO modded whitelist removal Dell BIOS needed. You can install any wifi card into the Dell XPS M1330 as noted here:

  • John:

    I have an HP with a atheros AR9485 chipset. In the first few months it was great and getting 50mbps through speedtest. But after that its degraded completely! Now getting only 1-2mbps. I can’t replace the chipset for something better because HP decided to whitelist their wifi cards!

  • charles Lam:

    going out of their way to make whitelists is just bad work ethics.

  • Ian O.:

    Having a whitelist on the BIOS and then having a rubbish wifi card is inexcusable. Come on Lenovo, the Flex 15 could be a whole lot better if you allowed us to change the 7260 for a quality dual band card without all the effort of removing the whitelist.

  • Wind:

    I have a Lenovo G500S, because I want to use 2×2 wifi so I buy a wifi interface Intel 6205,but BIOS not support also not install…
    Who is able to help me modify BIOS?(7bcn36ww. v2.02)
    BIOS:7bcn36ww v2.02
    New interface: Intel135 , ID:8086&DEV_0893&SUBSYS_02628086
    New interface: Intel 6205 , ID:8086&DEV_0082&SUBSYS_13018086

    Thanks you very musch!!!!

  • Steven:

    I have 2 HP mini 210-2177nr and several other notebook computers that use Broadcom Wireless or Intel or some other company that would be better served by swapping with Intel 6200 or other WiFi cards – With Computer WiFi advances and when software advances occur it therefore becomes important to be able to update the hardware where possible – not being able to use a different WiFi card when needed makes the Notebook Computer near useless to use. Why spend $300 to $2000 for a great Computer and be burdened with a Computer that can not swap WiFi cards as time goes by and better things happen. Look at the burdens that WiFi cards can be 802.11 a/b/g/n and now there is ac – why be stuck with a card that can only do b and g therefore makes a great notebook computer near obsolete.

  • m3:

    Definitely I also want to get rid of the whitelist. Please lenovo, remove that thing.

  • John:

    I have a Lenovo Y70 and I want the freedom of unlock bios.

  • Sam:

    i agree that there should not be restrictions placed in bios system’s just for the sake of forced obsolescence,it should be a crime.
    in my case its video card and wireless upgrades on a very expensive m17x r1 2010 model.
    a 5 year old top of the line dual video card laptop that’s almost obsolete.
    these laptops were billed as future proof.(not)
    i know that petitions are ignored while class actions are not.

  • I have an hp pavilion g6 2210sa which is restricted to n grade wireless networks so gives a very miserly 72mbps, I can double with my Virgin media super hub 2.

    I have discovered through months of research that providing I fit a Wifi card that has an hp part number associated to it then there’s a good chance it will work.
    So, I established the options offered via the hp manual I then checked to see what other brands of laptop used those specific network cards and then what they suggested to replace those with to get a dual band ac card.
    I came up with the intel ac dualband 7260 with 4.0 bluetooth which has an hp part number associated to it (710661-001)
    I then try to find a retailer for said card and came accross one on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-7260-HMWWBR-Wireless-AC-802-11ac-Bluetooth/dp/B00N7474CS/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
    However, when ordered the one received was 710663-001 and although they are both 7260 variants and my laptop recognises the card I still get the network wifi switch greyed out and not connecting. So, It’s vital I believe that when purchasing cards you ask the Q what is the associated hp part number. Any advice on retrieving the greyed out wifi ‘ON’ switch would be appreciated.
    My router/hub is working fine and all my other devices connect to it and the EDIMAX AC usb wifi is working great with 433mbps on 5ghz I just want my inbuilt card to work.
    I’ve system restored.
    downloaded intel drives
    downloaded WiFi switch
    turned off power options etc

    It’s driving me crazy!

    HP are no help what so ever and I believe ‘WHITELISTING’ is anti consumer and anti competative!

  • Can someone reopen the petition? I would sign it.
    Have a Lenovo G500s which has an wifi-card with 2.4GHz only. Want to upgrade to Dualband but BIOS InsydeH20 refused the new wifi card due to whitelisting of Lenovo.

    Next time buy a Laptop with coreboot/libreboot.

  • rusty shaft:

    im done with hp….i could adjust settings and upgrade my pc and laptops for as long as i can remember….now they all have bios locked.fine so ur shit is crappy and u dont want people overclocking,but atleast let me adjust pci or add a better product to it..i have a insyde bios on my pc and it has no settings in bios,only time and boot order and password settings.i see alot of people pissed bout this and hp and the other bios locked down companies are gonna lose big.people want open software and if a company is gonna keep putting out software that so cheap they afraid it be broke by wanting ide or legacy options,fuck em

  • Dilnur:

    Please remove the white list from the BIOS! Other vendors, especially HP – distinguishing the very greed!

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