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Im having a hard time following this, I spent over an hour reading through this trying to understand. please help me...

I already flashed to try myself and I am using S22i, from the best I can understand from previous responses.

Im currently trying to OC my 990x on my R3E and I found out about the bios mod but I am not sure what exactly this is for.
For performance, does upgrading from the offical 1502 make any difference? Is this for some compatibility? What exactly is this for.
Is this for compatibility? From what im reading this updates various storage contorllers, which is another thing I have a hard time understanding

Marvel, Jmicron etc, with all their versions listed, is this automatically installed in the bios firmware or am i suppose to go 3rd party download these versions for the bios? When I go device manager I see differen versions from what is lsited in the OP.

Also note, on boot I noticed it saying this:No enough space to copy PCI Option ROM [5:00:00]

what does thsi mean? overall is this suppose to make my drives run faster? Please clear this up for me im really having a hard time following whats happening with all this.

How do I install the drivers given in the bottom of each version, RST, Marvel, etc. They are a folder with files, where do i place them?

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