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Can’t boot into Windows after bios update
My motherboard is Gigabyte Z370XP SLI.

I have an Intel Optane that wasn’t enabled for some reason, and I went to enable it. Everything was fine after I enabled it.

After that, I found out that my ram is not running at the correct speed. My ram is advertised at 2400mhz and it is running at about 1200mhz when I check in CPU-Z. So I went into bios and found out that it was set to 2400mhz and I was confused. I thought that it might run at the correct speed if I enable XMP but there’s no XMP option in my bios. So I’ve decided to update my bios.

After I updated it, my pc reboots and shows the choose keyboard layout screen. After I chose it, it shows the second picture. None of the option works in the Use a device section, they don’t boot me into Windows.

Please help me, thanks!

[Image: 5707c4c77787750a872b17812c9cbfd8.jpg][Image: d9b5b0c04a968ae3541b08c4ef00a8cb.jpg]

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