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[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer
I was looking for good tutorial for ch341a programmer use and this is an excellent guide. All thanks goes to Lost_N_BIOS.  Smile
The pics for this tutorial were removed and I found them online and re-posted them below.. 

PART 1 ----------------

CH341A details
This guide is based on the winbond 25Q64 bios chip.
CH341A programmer:
[Image: yjqgDTv.png]

PINs details:
[Image: hH2Ap6c.png]
[Image: juDxcVx.png]
[Image: AT2ZMUA.png]
[Image: 2wXHVDF.png]

PIN 1 on the BIOS chip:

[Image: NAW7f3Z.png]
[Image: 8jvCZv3.png]
[Image: MmQfDLC.png]

If you receive this error(s) with the CH341A programmer connected to bios chip:
[Image: TarZn3y.png]
[Image: jnZbfp0.png]

This error(s) is caused by the bad connection of the clip or by the wrong software version.

Try the following steps:

Exit form C341A software.
Disconnect ch341a programmer from USB.
Disconnect the test clip from the bios chip.

Connect the test clip to bios chip.
Connect ch341a programmer to USB.
Run C341A software.
Press detect button.


Please try another software version.
Updated PICS...

PART 2 ----------------

Download  the CH341A tools from URL in original posting (Thanks to Lost_N_BIOS)
Unzip the downloaded pack and install the ch341a drivers (run CH341PAR.EXE)

[Image: 51Jtc8o.png]
[Image: Ps8Bokr.png]

Remove CMOS battery from your motherboard.
Connect the test clip to bios chip.
Connect ch341a programmer to USB.
Run CH341A_c.exe from CH341A programm v1.29 folder.

[Image: Dl1TE8v.png]
[Image: qLhJGpF.png]
[Image: FYmMBWD.png]

Go to "Auto" and uncheck "Erase" and "Blank check" options:

[Image: p9Gq8OX.png]

Press "Read button" and wait until the process is finished:

[Image: BjCZrVo.png]
[Image: nHy3zmv.png]
[Image: eSmXRr4.png]

Now press "Verify" and wait until the process is finished:

[Image: wLRy40u.png]
[Image: tBSJfyZ.png]
[Image: 7rDPltF.png]
[Image: IPQM1Rq.png]

Attention, before continuing with the PART 3, please check the content of the backup file.
You can compare the backup file with the original bios file from manufacturer site, using one hex editor software.
The contents of the files is not the same but it is very similar.

Run read, then verify, once it says "Chip/Buffer match" then that is verified, click save and then open that file in hex editor 
and make sure it's valid BIOS and not all FF's.
If it is all FF's, that's verified invalid blank and you need to use another software version or CHIP ID and try again 
until you get verified and valid backup).

Then install driver in above package. Then open software of your choosing to try first, I already try newest version first. 
Hit detect and if it detects your chip by ID OK, then select that one. Sometimes you might need to choose less than full ID, 
or different than ID too, like BIOS ends in FV sometimes BV works better, but you'll figure that out later if it comes to that. 
Once you've done that, hit read and when it's done hit verify. If it verified good, then you hit save BIOS. 
Verify after reading it should tell you chip and buffer or memory match, then that is possibly a good verified file (not always). 
Open that file in hex editor and make sure it's not all FF"s. Then repeat that a time or two and compare those two verified files, 
if they're always good files and match then probably OK. Save this BIOS somewhere safe as backup. 
Make sure it opens properly and looks correct in any BIOS editing tools you are familiar with too, then you'll know it's OK.

Backup file examples (OK and wrong):

[Image: Rj5ZYBx.png]
[Image: x1ikzue.png]
[Image: tWdKoSS.png]
[Image: VtgJLRZ.png]
Updated to provide missing PICS...

PART 3 ----------------

After checking and saving your backup press the "Erase" button and wait until the process is finished:
[Image: oinIArj.png]
[Image: Kg5DS2G.png]
[Image: GF5bPzC.png]

Now press the "Blank" button and wait until the process is finished:
[Image: SVdchpM.png]

If the next window appear, when you press the blank button:
[Image: YeFvBzb.png]

Chip Main Memory Not Null = this means you erased (Should be all FF) and then ran blank check and it found 
not all FF's (Some other data still) so erase not complete. Also will say that if you do not erase, and just 
run blank check when you know there is data there.

Possible solution:
Please Re-Erase chip and check Blank again OR use another software version.
If it does not work, you can try this (You can use a heat shrink tube.):
[Image: x88C0fp.png]
[Image: tCUMTYu.png]

If the "Chip Main Memory are blank" message appear, you can continue with the next step. 
Press "Open" button and find your new bios file:
[Image: boa1aXe.png]
[Image: pLgRANd.png]
[Image: A1STMIE.png]

After the new bios file is opened press "Auto" button and wait until the process is finished:
[Image: 1ZviZbz.png]
[Image: fkoCh16.png]
[Image: YDP09ZS.png]
[Image: 6wctof8.png]

Im trying to flash winbond 25Q32BV chip. The chip is detected successfully but when I try to read the chip it shows "Detection fails, could not find chip".

Can you guide me on what I'm doing wrong. Im using the 1.34 version of the programmer.

Please see attached pictures for the output of the programmer

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Aded new images in the first post.

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