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Hi, as per thread title.

My brother's laptop has been running Windows 10, and I think it was updating. It was idling, and the next moment no screen.

The laptop does power on, RGB Lights flash on and stay static, no HDD/SDD activity. I have determined it is not a RAM or any other issue, most likely a borked bios?

I used FlashROM with a Arduino (lockdown in my country due to COVID-19, so no soic clip or access to proper hardware) to dump the raw BIOS file.

It seems like it is corrupted, I cannot really determine.

Intel ME version seems to be version 11.6 from UEFITool (Compiled on Ubuntu)
Here is screenshot:

Attached is the whole flash chip dump zipped.

Some stuff does not make sense, I am a bit of a n00b when it comes to this...
Can someone like @Lost_N_BIOS have a look?


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