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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
Thank you, I flashed the bios you gave me without a hitch. My performance is better, but still not what it was. I will figure this out.

:edit: Alright, I noticed using SIW that Core 0 is at 1000mhz with a 5x multiplier and core 1 is 2600mhz with a 13x, does this mean my processors is shot?
Is it possible cool and qiet is the source of your troubles. that is the only thing I can think of that would set 2 different multi's like that. I found it a bit odd that the ABIT BIOS seemed to be the reasoning, so check into C and Q first.

www find
I ended up getting them to even out but to no avail, and it was the CnQ. I tried installing vista and flashing the bios from hp but it came up telling me that I don't have the correct hardware. As if it doesn't think this is that right board. This board came from an HP Pavilion a6200n, if that helps.
And by reseting the red jumper, I assume you meant the cmos reset that's by the sata ports. I'm not sure if this is a deeper hardware issue yet. I've never had a problem that wasn't fixable yet though.
Well, the last BIOS I gave you is the HP BIOS, just in the DOS format instead of trying to flash it from Vista. On these boards they had two CMOS jumpers, the red being falsely labeled, but you should basically clear any jumper you see and that's the safest bet.

www find
Hey Wiz, I hate to keep bothering you. But I just flashed the bios off of the ecs website and things improved even more. I was wondering if you happened to have the original bios for this board? I think it was 5.17...or something like that.

I only have the stock HP BIOS 5.27 which was the one you already tried. There is a foxconn in the wiki forum you could try as well.

www find
Good news everybody, after a lengthy argument with hp customer support he linked me too the older bios here. I was wondering how can I convert it from the .27 file to a bin so I can flash it using awdflash?
:edit: Excuse my stupidity, but I went to flash it and it said the rom is flash locked, how do I get around this
I'm trying to be as patient as possible, but the BIOS they linked you to is for the NETTLE3 not the NETTLE2. The BIOS I gave you is the original and only BIOS from HP for the nettle2. You now probably have the jumper lock issue because you flashed the ECS BIOS and its looking for the write protect jumper that if can't find.

A.) V 5.17 is for Nettle3 and will not flash. I would have the hp rep fired, but HP can NEVER be trusted.
B.) Pick which bios you want to go to, and try /f to force the write protect issue.

www find
The Wiz,
I was able to upgrade my bios as describe in your I do not have any video when using external video card in my PCIe slot. How do i change that in BIOS. I can only have video when using the onboard video. Please help!
What GPU card are you using? You should be able to boot with the PCIe, and set it ot the master GPU in the BIOS

www find

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