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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
Not too worried about overclocking right now but more about finding option to UEFI boot with GPT system on Nettle 2. Will any of your Bios flashes enable it on a Nettle 2 board? My specs are in a previous post above, I would like to access all of my new 3TB boot drive.

"Necessity isn't the Mother of Invention, The Science Fiction writer is" (Footfall-Larry Niven) Someone reads a book and says I can make that work, now we have cell phones and laptops and other things from books and movies years before they were invented. The first cell phone was designed by a tech on the beach after watching an ep of Star Trek.
After flashing bios I tried to upgrade to this CPU: AMD PHENOM X 4 2.2 GHZ 9550 QUAD CORE Processor, HD9550WCJ4BGH, SOCKET AM2+
It will not post. Am I missing something that explains why this CPU will not work or should this CPU work?
So I'm on an am board. From what I can make of this I can run pretty much any am2 and am2+ processor but no am3.

So I've seen people have been able to run the 250 on the hm. With it being similar is it possible to run the athlon II X2 280 on the am? I currently have a 5200+ athlon windsor but would like more.
Hi there, happy to see the 3ad still alive.

A friend has the MCP61PM-HM 1.0A (Nettle, not 2 nor 3) with 5.07 BIOS on his Pavilion, but when I try - even with official HP update (sp37530) - the flash tool says "it's not award bios".

I have tried many flash tools (Uniflash Uniflash 2.0b05, awdflash 8.96 and Phlash16 without success: any suggestion ?

EDIT: OK, I didn't get that's an AMI bios. Now tried with amiflash 8.95 but says that it's write protected...

Forward Agency NPO

In progress we (always) trust.
OK, I didn't get that the Nettle is not the same as Nettle2... then now the machine won't boot anymore.

So I reflashed the chip (with 5.27 original bios) with another MB but won't boot anyway.

Any suggestion ?

Forward Agency NPO

In progress we (always) trust.
After many searches I found that the Asrock ALiveNF6G-VSTA seems to be identical (exactly same chips for every device) to the Nettle1:

So i'll try with 2.20 this bios to revive the Nettle ->

Stay tuned.

Forward Agency NPO

In progress we (always) trust.
Hi, i need the latest stable version of the bios, i don't want loose another motherboard
When I had typed 'awdflash M613Z_19.BIN /py /sn /cc / cd /cp /wb /r' have this message: Source File Not Found!
I've got a problem: yesterday the motherboard worked well, but today the motherboard start with the fan and the disk, but i've got a black screen and not beep. I've got the ABIT bios, i need help.
Someone got the original hp 5.27 bios?
Plot twist: solved the problem, but i want the original bios
Can i have the work for solving the fan speed issue please.

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