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MCP61PM-HM (Iris)
Need a good laugh?

I just sold that Iris motherboard and 5600 CPU combo on Ebay for $111.75 plus $10 shipping which more than paid for my Nettle3 and Phenom x4 9500 at $110.99 Shipped!
You were right when you said the custom flashed BIOS would increase the value!
Life is great!

and a lot of Ebay buyers are stupid!


Dell Latitude D820 w/D-Dock, T7600G, 3 Gb RAM, 500Gb HDD Xp Pro
Compaq Presario SR5110NX w/ a Nettle3 Mobo Phenom X4 9500 8GB RAM 512Mb GeForce 8400GS Windows 7 64 bit (zoom zoom)
(1) Dell PowerEdge 2600
(3) Dell PowerEdge 2850's fully loaded w/ Dual core 2.8GHz Hyperthreaded Xeons
Dell PowerVault 220S w/14 73GB drives in a RAID5 array totalling 800GB
So I'm assuming that would make this 125w Athlon 64 X2 6000 have some problems with my newly flashed Iris motherboard which is supposed to support up to 65w?

What would you say the safest model of the Athlon 64 X2 would be? The above user used a 5600 no prob, maybe I could push my luck with a 5800? I hope you guys tell me the 6000 is safe to try :/
Yeah you definitly want to stay away from 125W or youll bust the board. 89W is really the most you want to push these boards.
www find
Best of both worlds. 6000+ at 89w.

Edit: Forgot the link xD
Nice. If you read the nettle2 thread we are also trying to confirm quad core support.
www find
I'm kinda a newb, never done this before...

I've been searching this site for support for my MCP61PM-HM (Iris) mobo.

The Nettle 2 BIOS mod looks pretty sweet

Will that one work with my mobo?

This is a link to my specs on Compaq's site

Here's what's confusing me...

TheWiz says HERE that
"The ABIT BIOS seems to only boot Phenoms on the acer boards, and for some reason won't boot them on the compaq/hp stuff yet."

But then HERE (when discussing the ESC mobo) TheWiz mentioned
"Yeah we tested a couple of 95W Phenoms that worked"

Please don't see me as being confrontational, I know nothing about BIOS moding, and want to learn. I'm probably just reading things wrong or missing a crucial detail... I'm just not understanding...

Another thought, many of the posts I'm reading are quite dated... maybe things have changed since then and there's more support for the ESC mobo working with Phenom IIs?


I would like to upgrade my CPU on an Iris8 to an Anthlon X2 245. I tried all the bios found on here, most dropbox links are dead, some threads the Wiz references are missing. Can anyone get the microcode I need added to the attached bios?
[Image: necro.jpg]

Attached Files
.bin   M613Z_19.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 14)
I am kind of new to this (I didn't know that bios mods were possible lawl)
Well I had a Sempron on my mcp61pm-hm (iris 8) board then bought a Phenom II X4 965 for it (I googled very quickly before buying it; if AM3 cpus were compatible with AM2 slot boards and every site I saw It said "yes")
Now that I installed it, it's not working, googled for answers and found out that the board isn't compatible with this Phenom processor...
is there any way I can make it work with a bios mod or something...?

Any additional info required?
I might upload my bios rom if necessary
There is a board that is almost the same as mine that is compatibe with Phenom II, it's called mcp61pm-hm (Nettle). If I install a bios update for that board, would mine become compatible with Phenom?
i have been doing research on modding a motherboard, MCP61PM-HM Iris to be able to accept a better CPU with BIOS mods that i have heard about

i heard i can go up to 6000+, the compaq website says max is 4800+, the issue is i am not sure if this works with the Iris or just Iris8, and what the difference is between the two, i dont own a CPU to test it with

i am targeting either a x2 5200+ or 5600+ to upgrade this computer (trying to sell it and single core just isnt good enough) if it can take a Phenom/Phenom II that would be a plus.

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