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Need to Edit Pheonix ROM file
Here's the story.

Years ago I got together with a bunch of friends and started a business.
Way back then, we had 98SE on all our desktops. The system was
highly customized with our logos and several apps created by our
official programming genius!

I kept a copy of this system on an old Gateway in my home office.
When I couldn't stand looking at this 500 pound monster anymore,
I created a script that backed up the system while stripping out all
the drivers that weren't created by Microsoft.

I purchased a refurbished IBM ThinkPad from someone I've known for
20 years. He sells and repairs computers.

The backup was transferred to the ThinkPad. After installing the new
drivers and updating the bios and embedded controller everything looked
very good!

Here comes the problem. Under "Display" in the bios setup you can select
LCD, CRT, or Both. You also have the option of using the internal AGP
card or a docked PCI graphics card.

If you press Fn + F7 you can toggle the LCD. For whatever reason, this
is happening spontaneously. In other words, the monitor toggles

I used UniFlash_v1.40 to create a ROM image file of this Pheonix bios.
I've got Phoenix Bios Editor Pro. With many years of scripting experience
under my belt, I thought I could edit the ROM file.

I want to disable (delete?) the display options "CRT" and "Both." The
same goes for the external PCI graphics card. The entire purpose of this
ThinkPad is to preserve a customized version of 98SE that we used to
start our company. I'll never use a docked card or an external monitor
with this laptop.

If I make the slightest error editing this rom file I'll blowout the bios.
I need someone who is very comfortable using the Phoenix Editor.
I'm not!

I'd like to upload the rom file to one of you guys. After it's "fixed" I'll
use an app like Pheonix Winphlash to flash the bios again with the
modded rom file. UniFlash also has a command [-E fname] that
will flash your bios with a rom file.

An experienced "modder" could probably edit these three settings out of
the bios in a few minutes. If there is a fee involved, please, let me know
the cost!

I apologize for this lengthy post. I couldn't think of another way to explain
the history that lead up to this problem.

Thank you forum members!

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