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[REQ] Asus T100HA BIOS Unlock
Hey  Cool

I've just bought an Asus Transformer Book T100HA (2in1-laptop/tablet) and the BIOS is completely locked down, i can't even change boot orders or such. Recently i had the chance to try another tablet with the same AMI/APTIO BIOS and there i had the chance to change all settings about CPU States, Boot orders and even display panel settings, so i think there was everything visible.

Can someone please mod the latest BIOS update file from Asus found here so that i can access all possible settings in there or tell me how to do this? Although i read some threads i'm new at BIOS hacking and don't have a clue about that, though i'm experienced with android-stuff.
Hello everyone

I have problem with cpu clock stuck at 0.48 GHz with normal temp and load, tried everything but nothing helps. CPU test pass, running windows 10 x64. Need unlocked bios to turn off virtualization so i can change cpu power plan if that doesnt help i dont know what should i do next. I hope someone can help me with this. I will attach link for latest bios
 Latest bios t100ha

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