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[REQUEST] Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC BIOS Unlock
Yes it is it seems to be. no he has not been on yet but with some older mother boards not being firmware support for newer AMD cpus I am going to bet that there will be some more people looking in to updating the AGESA to get the support. but also i know that this bios got 1 AGESA update so i mite start digging around it to what had changed but even that was just a partial update. But i am thinking more will pop up over the next few months.
Hey was digging around about updating the AGESA code and found the below link. let me know what you think.

The link below also talks about updates to the PMU as well
In some older boards/BIOS, swapping AGESA was fairly easy, once you knew it was compatible only a module or two needed swapped in and then uCodes updated as needed. Now, AGESA often in 3-5+ modules and may need edited to be board specific or to link to other modules locations in the BIOS too.

In your first link, page 122, they say "AGESA Update" but that is simply showing users how to update CPU microcode using UBU, this I can do anytime manually, nothing to do with AGESA there.

Second link page 121 shows good method for PMU changing, and I have those files. Now, just need proper and correct info on replacing AGESA and the source files to use for that.
First off, I'd like to thank you guys for all of the effort made towards having a usable bios for this AMD beast! If there is any way I could send a small donation, please let me know.

Anyway, would an unlocked BIOS be able to switch "Deep sleep state" ( on/off?
Right now I have to manually disable the C6 state with Zenmaster, but from various forums I learn that most BIOS' have a this sleep state setting that fixes the issue.

Could someone comment on this before I try to flash my BIOS?
Hello, looks like I'm interested in modding that BIOS, too. What I hope to achieve is:

- Changing the CPU to R5 3600 (I have R7 1700 currently)
- Upgrading the memory to 2x16GB 3200MHz, not sure if there are any gains from that though.

I am hoping to get better performance in Java development by the single-threaded performance uplift. It's not bad as it is, but I wouldn't mind an upgrade. I am not even considering R7 3700X, that would be a huge overkill for what I'm using the PC for.

I'm planning to wait until the BIOS and CPU microcode matures a little. In the meantime, I guess I should order a flash programmer. What are your recommendation? Also, is any soldering needed? I'd be quite afraid of doing that.
Still have not gotten much information on what needs to be updated Asus did how ever release a new "not updated" bios I have included a copy from a resent bios update using this new bios that I backed up with my spi programmer.

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