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[Request] EVOO Gaming 15 (EG-LP5-BK) BIOS Unlock Request

1. If you would like to request a bios mod ,why don't you provide official bios file or a bios dump or any useful information?? Please make a bios dump via #9's tool. (run dump.bat as administrator)

2. It should be able to unlock some AMI hidden options ,but whether it can enable ASPM features ,you have to try by yourself after the menus were unlocked.

3. Backlit keyboard features should be find under Advanced tab ,if you can't see them ,capture full screenshots from Advance tab and attach ,it need some while to research how does it blocked and let it appear.

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I have an EVOO Gaming LP7, very similar to this machine. Can you instruct me on how to use CSME to dump the BIOS so I may provide it for an unlock request. Very happy to donate Smile

If the cpu configuration of your machine is AMD ryzen series ,i can tell you it will be a hard task if you gonna unlock useful menus. Why? please see below.

1. First you have to purchase an hardware spi programmer to read/write data from bios chip.

2. Unlock normal Advance menus is not hard ,normal menus is means that the menus structures you can see on AMIBCP when you open bios image via AMIBCP

3. But if you wanna get more useful options to adjust such as memory freq or more ,we need to link to external menus AMD CBS and AMD PBS. This is hardest point and there is no particular methods to do this. Now i could only understand how to link to AMD CBS with ASUS ryzen laptops and MSI desktop mainboard ,and they have used different modify methods.
I've not check the bios dump form your machine yet ,so i'm not sure if it's possible to link to AMD CBS on your machine or unlock normal menus ,maybe it will over my current capability.

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Yes Sad The Configuration is Ryzen 4800H / 16GB / RTX2060 6GB

I understand AMD CBS and AMD PBS settings from my desktop with Ryzen 2/3/5k series CPU.

I appreciate your reply very much Smile --- also now it makes sense *slaps forehead* -- ME region is exclusively for Intel CPU. Working to repair MacBooks I have a limited amount of knowledge with that, of course all MacBooks (until recently) = Intel CPU
Sorry for the delay!
Very sorry about that, seems I forgot to insert the files. Thank you very much?

.zip (Size: 465 bytes / Downloads: 0)
.zip (Size: 4.29 MB / Downloads: 1)
.zip (Size: 1.89 MB / Downloads: 0)

.zip (Size: 6.18 MB / Downloads: 2)

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 106.69 KB / Downloads: 0)
.zip (Size: 122.5 KB / Downloads: 1)
.zip (Size: 126.15 KB / Downloads: 1)
.zip (Size: 103.63 KB / Downloads: 0)

.zip (Size: 99.87 KB / Downloads: 3)
.zip (Size: 103.03 KB / Downloads: 0)
.zip (Size: 75.51 KB / Downloads: 0)
Try this mod then respond to the result. (This mod is only for @nyaktoo's laptop.)

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
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(11-12-2021, 01:08 AM)genius239 Wrote: @nyaktoo
Try this mod then respond to the result. (This mod is only for @nyaktoo's laptop.)

I provided bios dump, havent done any programmer. FPT.exe -bios -d bios.bin. FPT.exe -d spi.bin. For successfully flash please unlock (Size: 4.29 MB) from post #15. I will always reply as soon as possible with any information you request so I would really appreciate your help with this issue
I do not have a programmer...I'm crying. Dear genius239, help us,
The file name is spi.bin and it got the full size 16mb of bios , so i guess it was made from spi programmer.
The mod didn't need to redo ,try command lines FPT.exe -f spi_1.bin -bios
to re-flash. Just out of curiosity ,why don't use my you tool to backup bios ? i already prepare batch file ,only right click and take few seconds.

My page>>>click
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