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[Request] MSI P4M900M3-L OC unlocking
The overclocking options on this board are grayed out, and i'd be REALLY REALLY REALLY happy if someone could unlock them for me. I do have memory and northbridge voltage control, but the vcore also can't be found.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Motherboard Manufacturer : MSI
Model : p4m900m3-l
Original Bios :
Bios Revision : 1.2
Bios Type : AMI bios
Bios SLIC : MSI (SLIC 2.1)

I hope that covers it! Thanks for your time
Bump! Huh

I need to up the voltages because deterioration made the cpu unstable at it's default voltages. I'm sure a small voltage bump and perhaps clock change can fix it.
Final bump Confused

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