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Sabertooth X58 Bios mod
What! "I noticed scratches before sending, but sent anyway" ???? Yes, why waste time and $$ on that!

Maybe he thought you'd never notice the memory missing, since it does appear in many ways if you don't know how to recognize it's not actually available memory. Or, maybe he really did only notice the scratches after removing his heatsink and never noticed the missing memory himself while using (some people never notice this), hard to know for sure. But yes, he should have messaged you when he noticed the scratches and asked if you wanted to cancel the sale or not.

It's common, many traces are often right around all the holes, there's so many traces on only so many layers and space to route everything, so it's tough and users need to pay attention to the marked out areas on front and back of mounting holes. Usually/always, inside that space, there is no traces on top layers, but yes it always does come really close outside the lines.

I checked the images, hard to tell with the flash or light directly on there, but it looks bad, at least 3-5 places it looks to be completely cut through on several traces. That straight line may be the worst/deepest, but I can't tell with the light on it like that. The circle are around the hole is bad too, but not nearly as deep as some of the others possibly. Also, much of that damage is far away from the mounting holes too, so either cause by not the heatsink itself or a bad mounting bracket, looks more like something else scraped across it though, more than a bad mounting bracket (on the areas not directly around the mount holes)

I would have put images of this in the listing and listed it as-is for parts etc, especially if not fully tested after seeing the damage. Some of it may be OK, and not as bad as it looks, but there's so much damaged there and without seeing non-flashed images or in person I couldn't say exactly how many traces are cut through or damaged badly enough to loose contact across the damaged area.

You're welcome, and thank you for your final comment, yes I really do have LOTS of experience with motherboards and am familiar with the causes of many common problems. Sometimes many things are possible cause of certain issues, but I usually know the short list Big Grin

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