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Sabertooth X58 Bios mod
What! "I noticed scratches before sending, but sent anyway" ???? Yes, why waste time and $$ on that!

Maybe he thought you'd never notice the memory missing, since it does appear in many ways if you don't know how to recognize it's not actually available memory. Or, maybe he really did only notice the scratches after removing his heatsink and never noticed the missing memory himself while using (some people never notice this), hard to know for sure. But yes, he should have messaged you when he noticed the scratches and asked if you wanted to cancel the sale or not.

It's common, many traces are often right around all the holes, there's so many traces on only so many layers and space to route everything, so it's tough and users need to pay attention to the marked out areas on front and back of mounting holes. Usually/always, inside that space, there is no traces on top layers, but yes it always does come really close outside the lines.

I checked the images, hard to tell with the flash or light directly on there, but it looks bad, at least 3-5 places it looks to be completely cut through on several traces. That straight line may be the worst/deepest, but I can't tell with the light on it like that. The circle are around the hole is bad too, but not nearly as deep as some of the others possibly. Also, much of that damage is far away from the mounting holes too, so either cause by not the heatsink itself or a bad mounting bracket, looks more like something else scraped across it though, more than a bad mounting bracket (on the areas not directly around the mount holes)

I would have put images of this in the listing and listed it as-is for parts etc, especially if not fully tested after seeing the damage. Some of it may be OK, and not as bad as it looks, but there's so much damaged there and without seeing non-flashed images or in person I couldn't say exactly how many traces are cut through or damaged badly enough to loose contact across the damaged area.

You're welcome, and thank you for your final comment, yes I really do have LOTS of experience with motherboards and am familiar with the causes of many common problems. Sometimes many things are possible cause of certain issues, but I usually know the short list Big Grin
Just want to say I'm amazed that people are still supporting this old board. And want to say thanks for this thread.

I've been running an old i7 750 and upgrading this system since 2009/10. Just got a RTX2060 and put in an order for a X5670. Whilst researching upgrading this system I came across this thread.

I already have the 1402 bios installed all these years. Have to SATA SSD drives installed one being the boot drive in AHCI mode.

Naturally the bios mod on post #50 which seems to be the latest got my attention. I'm aware that the controller on this old card is pretty old obsolete tech. Does the bios mod help things? I'm getting the impression that trim might not be supported on the stock bios, does the mod improve the HD's health?

Do I need any other drivers, or just the upgraded firmware through the bios.

Thought it worth asking before I plunged ahead. thanks Smile
Got my X58 Sabertooth + X5670 running well at 4ghz with all the CPU idle states working well using the standard 1402 bios. Is there any reason to upgrade to these modded ones. Reading over the thread I got the impression that the mod is mostly for running RAID with trim.

Are there any other advantages to getting the firmware update, like better performance on the marvel channels of the board.
If you are using SSD it's best to keep on the Intel controller, nothing can improve the Marvell controller on X58 boards.

Certain ucode versions lock uncore, so you may need to get those updated. I can't remember if rev 14 has it fixed or not, but I know rev13 is broken for 206C2. Check uncore setting in BIOS, then CPU-z, then change it in BIOS and see if it changes in CPU-z or not. If not, then you need updated BIOS (I posted one few pages back with all microcodes updated)
(04-25-2019, 02:16 PM)Antmax Wrote: Got my X58 Sabertooth + X5670 running well at 4ghz with all the CPU idle states working well using the standard 1402 bios. Is there any reason to upgrade to these modded ones. Reading over the thread I got the impression that the mod is mostly for running RAID with trim.

Are there any other advantages to getting the firmware update, like better performance on the marvel channels of the board.

As understand you..  You are not using the JMicron controller, nor the Marvell Controller.  
The other updates may or may not interest you:
1. CPU Microcode updates.   These enable all the sub-features of the installed processor.  The latest updates also closed the Spectre and Meltdown bugs, but this does take a small performance hit.
2.  Network controller firmware update (mostly applicable to PXE boot users, but does effect normal network controller usage)
3. Intel SATA firmware:  This will put you on the last 11.x OROM for best compatibility (& performance).
(10-21-2018, 06:13 PM)pir8man Wrote: еще одно обновление для владельцев Sabertooth X58...

Ошибка / проблема была найдена в прошивке Marvell, которая нарушила совместимость с функцией BIOS Drive Xpert. Откат прошивки исправил эту проблему и дает те же базовые скорости. Поскольку это обновление кода, который работает на самом чипе Marvell. Вы заметите обновление чипа при первой загрузке. Как только этот шаг завершится, и вы увидите "Update Success!", нажмите кнопку reset для нормальной загрузки.

Используйте выпуск "W10R", если вы используете Intel RAID в Windows 10. Используйте' любой ' релиз для любой другой установки ОС, включая: Intel in AHCI with Win10.

Для Marvell 91xx SATA 6 Гбит / сек - прошивки: версии v2.2.0.1125 -> П2.1.0.1413 (диск для Xpert исправить)
для JMicron JMB36x Raid на диске: В1.07.28 (режим AHCI пропатченный) -> В1.0.8.01 (режим AHCI пропатченный)

редактировать: ссылка на новый G-место диска: здесь

Hello good man
I am immensely grateful to you for maintaining the current state of this motherboard.

Unfortunately, I am forced to report that I encountered a serious problem after flashing your BIOS mod.

When overclocking, the Marvell controller falls off completely, this is a problem for me, since my SSD and HDD work on it.

I ask you to advise me if I should bother updating the BIOS on the mod version to update the Marvell controller driver and processor microcode if I use overclocking?

Overclocking is a very important setting for my system, because without it it becomes problematic to play modern games and work in 3D graphics.

I hope for your quick reply, my friend. Thank you.
Sorry mate, I do not own this board, so I do not monitor this thread.  If you want a quick response, send me a PM to poke me next time. Smile

Anyway, on to your issue.  Of course I agree.  Overclocking is expected when running a 'mod'ed BIOS.
What other symptoms are you getting?  Any out of memory errors?  or messages of any kind?
Which BIOS version did you update from and to when you lost access to the drives on Marvell?
What OS(s) are you testing with.  Does the OS still see the controller?
Please list your settings for BIOS->Advanced->Onboard Devices Configuration.
Any other info you feel might be related, no matter how insignificant.
Then I can answer your question.

Edit:  no response in a month. I am going back to not montoring this thread.   If anyone needs me, send me a PM to call me back here.
I am successfully using an RTX 2060 in the Sabertooth X58. This means that 2070, 2080, and beyond will likely work too.
I would like to see if someone can confirm whether or not AMD's 5xxx series cards work too.

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