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Sony VPCZ1 had unlocked the Advanced Menu & hacked the EFI Menu
My Sony VPCZ1200 has an Insyde Bios V3.5, I had unlocked the advanced menu with the method Here.
My BIOS version is R3031C3. The unlocked ROM named NEW.ROM.
But it still have some menu to be hidden, like EFI Boot menu.

I used Uefitool.exe to load the NEW.ROM and extract the SetupUtility module and saved as a FFS file. Then use
Universal IFR extractor.exe to decompile it to a TXT file. Open the TXT file you will find some hidden menus linke EFI Boot
were forward by the sentence SUPPRESS IF TRUE, the corresponding OP_Code were 0A 03 00 27 02,
it test something true and hidden the menu. Now if we changed it to SUPPRESS IF FALSE {0A 03 00 28 02},
when it test something true, the menu will not be hidden.

I use WinHex.exe to open the FFS file, then replace 0A 03 00 27 02 with 0A 03 00 28 02, it replace more then 70 times.
Saved the modified FFS file and use the Uefitool to replace the SetupUtility module with this FFS file.  The hacked ROM
was saved as NEW28.ROM. You can use Insyde H2OEZE-W.exe to change the version and modify the the default setup
Values. Finally I use Flash1t.exe to write the NEW28.ROM to my SONY. Power on and press F2 to enter BIOS,
firstly you need to get default values then enter other menus, otherwise it maybe halted. I had met one time.
Enter other menu you will find some new selection.

I choose  EFI boot and external device boot first. Then insert a UEFI bootable USB to test it but the system still enter HD disk C.
The normal WIN7 was start.

Now I am searching how to enter UEFI Boot. Someone says it need to add some EFI modules  to enter EFI Boot.
I will be very grateful if someone could give me some direction.

pile it t
Can you give me a tutorial? I would like to thank you very much

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