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Toshiba Satellite P300-1A0 - Crisis Recovery with USB Dongle only ?
Hi there, I have a :

Toshiba Satellite P300-1A0
Model No: PSPC4E-06L00YGR

here, which shows a black screen only. Power button is lid, trackpad is lid, Satellite Logo is lid and the touch buttons are all lid. Screen stays black and Windows wont boot.

I removed and exchanged both RAM slots.
I removed HDDs and DVD and wanted to try Crisis Recovery now. BIOS is V 4.20.

But neither Fn+B or WinKey+B works to boot from the Ready USB Stick.

Booting via USB Stick, FN+Esc will do 1 long beep + 2 short beeps (very loud)...according to my research its the graphics chip. :S

Booting via USB Floppy...a series of 10 beeps (followed by 1 more beep after 5 seconds) appears while the floppy starts to load. Then 1 loud beep every 15 seconds...while the floppy loads...then no more beeps and floppy stops doing anything. Power LED and Power Button keep blinking, fan is spinning.

I tried to name the bios file BIOS.WPH and BIOS.FD
Naming it BIOS.FD there will be one loud short deep tone and 2 high pitched tones...floppy stops.
Power LED and Power Button keep blinking, fan is spinning.

According to this page I need an external Floppy and a USB Dongle to do Crisis Recovery.
Would that be true ? :S Any alternatives ? What about phlash.ini ?

I let it run after the beeps and power button and power LED blinking for more then 20 wont shut down...and I have to switch it off.

Still, black screen and windows wont boot.

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