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UNLOCKED: Acer Aspire AM1100-B1300A
Mainboard Model F690GVM With AMD processor
[Image: board.jpg]

This is for the version of this computer that comes with an AMD, NOT an Intel!

To flash,

1) Follow the procedure at for creating win98 DOS mode USB boot drive.

2) Once the USB drive is created, copy the 3 files from the attached to the root of the USB.

3) Reboot, and hold down F12 at the BIOS boot screen, select HDD and then your USB drive to boot from it.

4) At the DOS prompt, type "aflash" and your bios will be updated. Enjoy!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.zip (Size: 371.96 KB / Downloads: 62)
Thank you for confirming payterx! The modified BIOS archive you've attached to this forum has also been updated in our FTP repository:

www find
(04-29-2013, 06:22 AM)TheWiz Wrote: Thank you for confirming payterx! The modified BIOS archive you've attached to this forum has also been updated in our FTP repository:


Thank YOU wiz, because of you I was able to turn my 1.9 GHz into a 2.5 GHz
This is promising news. I have an acer aspire m5100 desktop pc with an amd proccesser. Since the M1100 & M5100 are the same boards. Is it safe to say that this BIOS update should work for the M5100 as well?
I just wanted to thank you guys very much, as this worked for me on my board.
Just flashed from the stock (R01-A3) to the R01-B3 version provided above and I couldn't be happier right now.
It was a very useful update, with the frequencies now unlocked.
Also with this bios I have the "Memory Remapping" option that I always wanted.
Although I was running 8GB, 800MHz DDR2 on this board before the flash with a 64 bit Linux OS.
The real reason I decided to upgrade this bios was to see if it supports more cpu's.
I was running the Athlon64x2 BE-2300 1.9GHz AM2 Socket
But I have a Athlon64x2 5000+ 2.6GHz AM2 Socket
I couldnt get the 2.6 to work with the R01-A3 bios, but maybe now I'll be able to run it.
One thing I did do before flashing the new bios, was on a win98 DOS mode USB boot drive
with ONLY the AWDFLASH.EXE on the drive
boot the drive and run;
awdflash a:backup.bin /sy /pn
Just to have the backup of the original bios. Then on a different usb drive I followed the above post.
And thank you a million guys!! I really appreciate it.

**Also to note, my board was not the Foxconn blue board, but the green one (could never figure out by who)
*BOARD--RS690M03      *(REV. 1.0)*  F690GVM   (Acer Aspire M1100-B1300A & identified in bios as a M5100)
*BIOS--R01-A3 (10/10/2007 RS690-SB600-6A669FK8C-00)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I have this exact same motherboard.I know it's old but still works well.I can't get it to flash it keeps saying wrong part's the exact same motherboard in the photo there anyway to force the bios to update?

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