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[solved] p5kc bios need ahci
Thank you, Camilo for the P5KC AHCI BIOS mod!!!

1. Backed up 1203 BIOS.
2. Flashed Camilo's P5KC-1203-SLIC-AHCI-V2.ROM with ASUS's (AMI's) bios based flasher 2.
3. AHCI appeared as an option on first page.
4.  Had to reinstall system but, as always, this is not always a bad thing.  Time consuming, yes, but a nice clean install runs better.
5.  Indeed, the performance with AHCI was noticeably improved.

Thanks a lot!
BIOS P5KC-1203-SLIC-AHCI-V2.bin gives a new life for my computer.
It has been flashed via EZ tool directly from BIOS Setup.
Windows 10 x64 build 1607 is installed and works OK using AHCI.
For info: 4x2GB DDR2 877 MHz.
I hope my machine will work me long.
hi, possible to add support xeon?
(01-10-2017, 03:42 PM)forser Wrote: hi, possible to add support xeon?

It is.  Smile I added the Xeon microcodes to camiloml's v2 (I hope he doesn't mind) bios and it works ok with my e5440, e5450 and x5460. If you want to do it yourself, you can always go to and follow the instructions there or download the 'xeon modded' bios directly from here:
Hello, all! I need AHCI mod for BIOS version 1303 (Asus beta).
link to download
(from russian forum
I tried to do it myself. It's worked!

.zip (Size: 640.81 KB / Downloads: 88)
(08-10-2017, 08:50 AM)mehfk Wrote: I tried to do it myself. It's worked!

Hello, I would ask you to add a microcode to this bioson l5420 thank you in advance and best regards kojotss
My Feedback:
P5KC V1.03G with all 3 roms, P5KC-1203-SLIC-AHCI-V2.rom, p5kc-1203_ahci.rom and P5KC-1303-ahci.rom after successful flash once AHCI in Bios selected it stays in POST saying "Detecting AHCI 1..."
Only one SATA HDD connected to port 1 and I found out it happens with SATA3 WD5000AAKX but since I had couple of spare HDD's SATA2 WD5000AAKS is detected immediatelly and works as expected in AHCI Mode.
What may be the problem there with HDD's compatability as on IDE mode both HDD's works correctly?
GixxerK6, can you test old original version of bios rom P5KC-ASUS-0401.rom ?
(04-11-2018, 11:55 AM)mehfk Wrote: GixxerK6, can you test old original version of bios rom P5KC-ASUS-0401.rom ?

P5KC  v 1.03
best versions of bios: 
[1203 AHCI slicv2 xeon]
[1303 AHCI xeon]

Attached Files
.zip   P5KC 1203_1303 (Size: 1.27 MB / Downloads: 4)

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