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will pay $100 for unlocked Sony Vaio svf15a18cxb
(03-12-2014, 05:28 PM)fjfc Wrote: Can't be modded because we will be caught by the RSA check insydeflash makes! so any mod would be detected and it wouldn't let us flash, FPT is an option but PRR cant unlock your EEPROM so not a option anymore, another one would be flashing using recovery mode, but your computer does not have it too, so only thing left is the external eeprom flasher!

Okay, I understand now. Where do I get one of those and how do I use it to flash the bios that you modded? Once again, thank-you for your help and patience.
one of those to flash

one of those to try to flash without needing to desolder and solder the bios into the motherboard

Good thing about having a external programmer is that you can recover even from a bad flash :p

Does anyone else have any thing to add or other possible solutions/mods? Any and all
help is greatly appreciated!

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