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Full Version: HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) 5.17 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
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is says missing source file.. but it's a step forward tho.. by the way u help me a lot dude thx a bunch. =]
Sorry I Can't Really Help - TheWiz is the top guy for these board mods and ive kind of let him be an "Admin" in his own right when it comes to these boards!

Okay, lets start from scratch to be sure everything has been done right( i know its tedious but its important)

Use the HP format tool and reformat the drive with the 98 startup disk link i gave you.

Download the modded bios on the forum. When copied to USB rename it to bios.bin

Hold esc key to start usb. The type in awdflash. Set save bios to no, and set file destination to bios.bin in bios name field. Then please see if this error presists.

Thanks for your cooperation,


I am only asking you to redo this because normally this error is related to it not being able to find the file. Sometimes its a mistake, sometimes its not, but by redoing it i can further troubleshoot this issue of yours Big Grin
okay if it dont work i will video tape my process and post it on youtube. =]
Okay, sounds like a plan!
Could you also do the SLIC 2.1 mod to this modified BIOS, that will be cool to directly upgrade to Windows 7
Here you go , i used HP 2.1 SLIC:-

Link taken down, SLIC kills this BIOS.

Flash at your own risk!

Please Report Back With Whether It Worked Or Not!

Please Consider A Small Donation As A "Thank You" If You Are Happy With Our Work

Been trrying to get the camera to work for days now.. will this work is there any instructions i have to follow?
You can try the one with the SLIC, but its the same instructions as previously mentioned.
will this fix the awdflash.. freezing i did not try it yet.
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