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Full Version: HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) 5.17 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
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(09-15-2010, 04:15 AM)MrTangoWhisky Wrote: [ -> ]Give me the time and I will do my very best! Wink

I have to admit that I'm just a little more than a little anxious here... I can't wait to turn this thing up a little and see what it can do!


BTW, the reason I used the RapidShare links is because I'm a little leery of allowing open access to my FTP server
Secure your FTP server then??? Tongue

Anyways, I may get the time here to flash the foxconn on my nettle3 and see if it works.

(09-17-2010, 01:59 PM)TheWiz Wrote: [ -> ]Secure your FTP server then??? Tongue


Can't get any more secure than not posting the IP address anywhere and keeping it locked down when I don't need it!.

Let me know how the flash works. I'm already to the point where I've gotten used to how fast the Phenom x4 9500 is and I wanna speed things up a little.

I did bid on a couple of 95W 1055t's on Ebay but they both went for way over two hundred and that is more than I want to spend on a what if item. (besides I really don't want the wife to kill me in my sleep when she found out I spent that much and I'm not working yet!) Confused


I really want to try this BIOS next, its the right size, supports all AMD CPUs, and of course is an MCP61 MSI style.

Not suggesting flashing yet, but what do you guys think?

Also this one from Gigabyte supports the 95 WAT 1055T six core:
I have a silly question for everyone.

I know that you can add processor support to a BIOS. How about memory support? I currently have my Nettle3 maxxed out with 8GB of PC2-6400 memory and sometimes when using a memory hog program like Autocad 3D it seems to want more. I have seen that I can buy 4GB sticks of PC2-6400 memory. Where is the 2GB/Stick limitation? I know a 64 bit machine will directly address 1024GB of RAM, so why are we limited to 8GB?
Oh, wait, let me guess, it HAS to be Windows. My brother has a Mac with 16GB in it so I guess I just answered my own question?

Yeah there's no way we could go about adding that support, Im not entirely sure if its hardware or BIOS related.

I do have a new BIOS to test for this board, just need someone who can test releases consistently.
keep in mind there's a chipset-caused limitation! I successfully tested my mcp61pm-hm acer 380 board with 2x4Gb and 4x2Gb (as is now state). The chipset only wants 8Gb across all banks, though mounted with 4x4Gb there are only 4Gb used for good... Sad
You know, I wasn't even thinking about chipset limitations. After thinking about it for awhile I'm thinking you must be correct. I wish it wasn't that way because it REALLY means there is nothing we can do about it!. I was playing with a Dell Dimension 4700 mobo that I was considering putting into my wifes computer but with a 4GB limit on memory it kinda makes me want to look at something else. I did discover that all of those people that tell you that you cannot upgrade a Dell are WRONG. For a while I had my old Iris motherboard in her Dimension 3000 case and everything worked just fine.
OK, just to muddy things up a bit. I recently upgraded an Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad A31 for my mother-in-law. From the factory it had a 1GB memory limit. (2X512MB). After installing an upgraded BIOS I was able to double that to 2GB (2X1GB). That points ot a BIOS limit not chipset.

I have been doing some research about upgrades to my server. (I have a Dell PowerEdge 2600) I have already bought and installed two new Xeon 3.2 GHz processors and while trying to find out what the fastest processors I could use were I stumbled over an article saying that the 2600 from the factory would read 6GB of RAM (6X1GB). However if you upgrade to the latest BIOS (A14) it will address 12GB of RAM (6X2GB).

My question still stands. Is there possibly some magic spot in a BIOS that will allow more memory?
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