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Full Version: HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) 5.17 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
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When they release a TDP of 95W thats hardware design and not software so yes you will be limited. But technically you should be able to boot a 95W Phenom II on here without issue except it may not detect the CPU name but it would still run with the right settings. I did check that HP box I had with the Nettle3 and it is a 2.2REV, so I'm in a bind with this one. Thoughts appreciated.

I don't have any thought as of right now BUT, I just paid for a Nettle3 with a Phenom X4 9500 so as soon as I get it I will see what the rev level is and we can try to flash the BIOS and see what happens.

I'll let ya know
You might want to get a spare DIP 8 chip for testing too!

Thanks for helping out!

My Nettle3 and Phenom 9500 arrived today (finally) and I slammed it into my old Compaq Presario SR5110NX case. WOW is this thing fast! But... Of course I want to go faster!

So, here is what I got

HP MCP61PM-HM Rev2.2 Nettle3 Motherboard
AMD Phenom X4 HD9500WCJ4BGD 2.2GHz 95W processor
4 Gig of memory and 4 more on the way
Windoze 7 64 bit Ultimate Edition

So, is this the revision that you said was successful?

If so, what is the correct link to the BIOS download?
Will it get rid of that annoying HP boot splash?

Lemme know!

Time to update your signature Jim! Yeah I'm using it for WHS and I have the 65W model phenom and it does simply rock. Imagine a six core burning up the place Big Grin Sos yes I have rev 2.2 and I havent had much luck with mods yet because I haven't had time to take my server offline and do more flashes. But I did recently update it to the latest BIOS 5.29 on HPs website with success and they put the new HP splash which looks much better. You can also turn off the splash in setup but Im getting ready to just mod the stock BIOS with a custom image we cooked up Smile

I'm getting ready to try the Foxconn BIOS on the Nettle 2 and 3, but Im wondering if we can find a better candidate?

OK, Like that sig better?

As soon as I get back to work I'm gonna start looking for the 95W Penom X6 to throw into this thing just for the heck of it. I also have to figure out what video card to shove into it to improve my windows experience score.
I'm looking forward to your modded BIOS for this thing, let me know when it's available.



Yes, I'm thrilled and as soon as I get back working I will more than happy to contribute.
I appreciate it Jim Smile Definitely the 1055T and the 1090T are 125W designs so they will kill the board. Right now we just got to actually get a working BIOS that we can start adding support for.

Looking around on AMD's site I found one X6 that was only 95W, the HDT55TWFK6DGR is a 1055T running 2.8GHz. I have seen them on Ebay going for around $175. Since the TDP on the Nettle3 is 95W, I thought that I might slide one in there just to see what happens... Kinda like I did with the 5600+ in the Iris Mobo. If I read things correctly the pin placement in the AM2, AM2+ and AM3 is the same the only real difference is the ability to dissapate heat.

Just sayin'
Right On! For some reason I thought the 1055T was 125W also? anyways what will most likely happen is that it will boot as Unknown CPU and then all we need is a successful AGESA update.
I have been messing with this mobo all day trying to enable the raid options to no avail. Has any progress been made developing a mod for it yet? The computer is a friend of mine's and it is driving me mad because i know it has a raid controller and i cant access it in bios Sad

What do yall recommend? Scrap the board or just ignore the problem?

MCP61PM-HM is rev 2.1 btw.
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