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Full Version: HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) 5.17 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
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(04-27-2013, 06:18 AM)jquimze15 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello, this is my 1st post at this site, so with any help from you i would be thankfull!
Have a Nettle3 to try to flash for OC options, did this [] and now... Bumm! Hello black screen, only fans working...
Read a lot to try to make no mistake, the awdflash seemed to perform 100% but now it seems i have a dead MCP61PM-HM.
Some specs: Phenom X3 8550; 4x512MB DDR2 (KVR533); bios 5.29; Win8 x64.
Did it even tolerating the fact that might have bad result but hopping to correct using the linux live cd recovery described, but forgot that i might not be able to boot it...
So can you advise about best options, for instance, where to get the right chip already moded (if possible) or e standard one, or hardware to reflash (and howto's)?
Thanks in advance!

You're in the same boat as me and lightbulb
Bios recovery from DOS Disk as anyone tryed on Nettle3?
Gonna give it a try and post result.
Just don't know if i should do 1st Award recovery or Phoenix...
At least it might boot!
See ya later
Hello everyone,

It would appear there have been some issues with the very first image on the first post for many of you. I know for certain the second image is working as I have used it myself. I have updated the first post to make that one the preferred flash. From what kev711 says, this might be a incompatible CPU issue which is why your board isn't posting.

For anyone on this thread who is unsuccessful with the recovery, I am willing to provide free re-flashes should you wish to ship your chip to me. I will put the other version of the unlocked BIOS on it and send it back.

Sorry for any problems you may have experienced,
M801W10.BIN worked for me today! :-) (on MCP61PM-HM Rev 2.1 with Phenom 9500 Quad)

Thank-you very much to all involved!!!!
Thanks for the feedback Spunky. So perhaps the M801W10 is having issues with V 2.2 rev boards, although I can't imagine why to be honest.

After successfully installing M801W_10.BIN with a Phenom 9500 Quad, I tried to update the CPU to a Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition CPU. The bios doesn't recognize the new CPU because it comes up as unknown. Are there any instructions anywhere on how to add the CPU to the bios?

I think what I am looking for is here:

and here:
Hi Spunky,

What clock speed is reported when the computer boots with the "unknown" CPU. Sounds like it needs an AGESA update.

I've found this thread and posted in it.
Post #1 in this thread mentions that 'Also hit Ctrl + F1 in bios for more unhidden BIOS features' ... which bios is this referring to?
Ok so here is my dilemma. I have an HP a6700y with an MCP61PM-HM Nettle3-GL8E Rev 2.2 Mobo. I purchased and installed a AMD Phenom II x4 830 2.8ghz, I got it brand new for 10 bucks. Figured why not its a AM2+/AM3 95 watt processor, it should work right. I installed it and it boots into windows leaving me with an AMD Unknown Processor found message both in Bios and Windows. It registers as a 2.8ghz quad core in windows and works but after a while gives visual defects on my screen and random blackouts in my games.

Can anyone simply tell me how to and which bios to flash to this system to use that includes the microcode for this processor so I can effectively use my processor.
Do the IRQ Errors and Fan running full throttle still exist.. Will these errors have any effect on the fact I use a 2GB PCI-E Video Card? I don't have anything else plugged in just the Video Card.
I know the x4 1.8ghz processor that came with this machine was an Agena based processor and this Phenom II x4 830 is a Deneb based processor, will it work?

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1. Btw if you are wondering the screens below were taken while I was converting and burning 40 episodes of Power Rangers for my kid, and also moving 20 or so movies to an External HDD and posting this request.

[Image: phenomII_zps4ff32d82.png~original]
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