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Asus A8JR / Z99J - T7200 CPU - confirmed
Just to state that the Asus Z99J / A8JR laptop has the microcode for the T7200 CPU (from the A8JS) included in the BIOS. If you plug in this CPU, you get full 64-bit and virtualisation functions, a speed increase, as well as an FSB increase to 667 MHz (be careful - check your ram supports this - as the original FSB is 533 IIRC). You also get more cache.

If you want to put a different CPU into an A8JR, reply to this thread and I should check it within a few days (hopefully quite soon - I intend to be more active on these forums!).

ASUS A8JR : 3GB Ram, Nvidia 9650M GT 1GB Graphics (upgraded from 512MB Go7700 with custom BIOS). T7200CPU (with faster FSB and clock) - plug&play!
Apple Macbook Pro - top spec as of Mid 2012 - used it for a while, back to my ASUS as it as so much more flexible and usable!![/color]

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