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Dell Vostro 200 v1.0.16 Experimental Unlocking & Upgrading Project
some link of the bios but with the original fsb?

I have a core 2 duo E2160
(12-30-2017, 06:02 PM)ussera Wrote: Hello,
WARNING! Ive bricked G33M02 with Eugene74's Xeon bios mod. (Windows 10 rebooted in the middle of flashing procedure).
With Intel Xeon E5440 it just black screen no POST. With original CPU its a beep message for errors in BIOS. Now i have to physically flash the WINBOND W25x16VSIG BIOS.

I recently get an E5450 3ghz cpu free. The only mobo i have to try it is the dell vostro 200s i have.
What bios mod do you suggest for this try?
Hi Folks!

I'm new at this forum. Very nice and interesting. Just to let you know I was in problems with an abnormal thermal motherboard sensor data (85ºC just on start) and with Dell original BIOS I was very frustated due to poor options menu.

I changed all thermal paste on CPU and North/SouthBridge. cleaned everything, etc. Nothing good or different happened.

Thanks a lot for save my mobo as she was powering off everytime. Looking on the web I saw a lot of thrash until I've found this forum. One board will be kept alive as long as I could. Saving the Planet thanks to your effort doing this BIOSes.

At this time I don't need to change anything else but I have one XEON processor from an Old Mac Pro 2007... maybe I'll check someday in the future.

The matter is the MOD I have to DO... For this XEON (DUAL) and the use I will give to the computer… Does it worth the effort? Don't know. This is not a question really, It's me talking to myself XD.

Thanks again, really.

Merry Xmas from South Spain.
Hola chicos.

Tengo una computadora Dell 530 con una placa base g33m02, quería overclockearla pero resultante que mi BIOS se actualizó a la última versión, por lo que no pude reemplazar los archivos de actualización de BIOS que están en la carpeta% temp%, o Sé mucho sobre cómo modificar BIOS y programas para esto. Así que finalmente lo logré

mi bios estaba en la versión version
1.0.18 (última versión)

reinstalar la actualización no me vendrá, mucho menos degradar la versión, así que busque estos archivos

primero obtuve la BIOS con los microcódigos y los descargué
segundo instale fox live update (foxconn bios update software) porque obviamente la placa es foxconn

abre el programa y dice Nuevo formato que acepta ya la izquierda dice actualizar BIOS, haga clic en buscar el archivo de microcódigos de BIOS (.bin) y encuentra un error mientras el programa crea una copia de seguridad de su BIOS actual y luego instala el nuevo BIOS, le dirá que reinicie la computadora y eso es todo.
Probado en Windows 10

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