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Project AM3 Ready ASUS
Hey guys

Good 2 hear you still want 2 work on this Smile

I have been reading through all the AMD Developer Guides and Manuals but as i am new 2 bios modding i don't understand most of it :p
I have thrown the bios into IDA and found only 1 reference as far as i can tell to the 10h Family
But still no sign of where the fail safe 4x multiplier is being set Sad wish ASUS would just give us a clue :p
Did you do some Hex searching?
www find
Yip i sat up nearly the whole night looking, but 2 be honest i don't really know what 2 be looking for :p
Can you upload an IDA disassembly and post it here for me to look at?

www find
Hey Wiz

I have not completely disassembled the bios yet as i am still learning so it
would not be helpful to you at this point :p

I have been reading through some more guides and found AWARDBIOS™ 6.0
although its old, it has all the POST CODES which might be useful Smile
Sounds like a good starting point. I'll see if I can chip in any information soon.

www find
Can you please add M3A78-VM to the Project. Regret unable to test as this is my main board.... also, congratulations on the ECS Nettle2 BIOS mod, this worked on my test rig with no problems!
Thanks for the congrats! We will add this to the project asap, just post the full links and info on the board and its current CPU status in a reply post so I can add it to the official listing.

www find
(08-12-2010, 03:31 PM)TheWiz Wrote: Thanks for the congrats! We will add this to the project asap, just post the full links and info on the board and its current CPU status in a reply post so I can add it to the official listing.


Here is the link to the ASUS CPU Support site,

Latest mod is 1701, which would seem to be the logical candidate, but due to my BiosMod noobyness, I'm not sure what you need here.
From the above support site, I have distilled the following CPU history:-
Phenom IIX4 920 (HDX920XCJ4DGI) 0904
Phenom IIX4 810 (HDX810WFK4FGI) 0904
Phenom IIX4 940 (HDZ940XCJ4DGI) 0904
Phenom IIX3 710 (HDX710WFK3DGI) 1102
Phenom IIX3 720 (HDZ720WFK3DGI) 1102
Phenom IIX4 805 (HDX805WFK4FGI) 1102
Phenom IIX4 910 (HDX910WFK4DGI) 1102
Phenom IIX4 925 (HDX925WFK4DGI) 1202
Athlon IIX3 400e(AD400EHDK32GI) 1404
Athlon IIX3 405e(AD405EHDK32GI) 1404
Athlon IIX4 600e(AD600EHDK42GI) 1404
Athlon IIX4 605e(AD605EHDK42GI) 1404
Phenom IIX3 700e (HD700EOCK3DGI) 1404
Phenom IIX3 705e (HD705EOCK3DGI) 1404
Phenom IIX4 945 (HDX945FBK4DGI) 1404
Phenom IIX4 955 (HDZ955FBK4DGI) 1404
Athlon IIX4 610e(AD610EHDK42GM) 1408
Athlon IIX2 240(ADX240OCK23GQ) 1604
Athlon IIX4 630(ADX630WFK42GM) 1604

You will see that AM3 is catered for to a certain extent, but these are all early examples and going by the manufactureres ref. number, are not currently available via retain outlets,
Regards, CasaAdelfa

Thanks for the info Casa, ill post it to the page soon.

Ej, we got an update:

OK it seems that it may not be a security 4x multi. Because the cpu is intended for 2 power planes and can only use one power profile, it chooses the lower one (the first one) which runs at 4x 800mhz by default. I think if you decom0press acpitbl and dissasemble it we may be able to find these power profiles.

www find

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