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[REQUEST] Asus TUF FX506LI full unlock
[censored] adus lie there is no battery under keyboard. I disamble motherboard and there is no battery.
Dont buy asus products. there is no clear cmos battery i will record video and put asus chat history.

So ,this case tell we ,don't casually adjust graphic configuration if you're not sure whether the intel hd exist. Or large chance to get a black screen. I can unlocked menu for users ,but can't block them do any strange bios settings. i've spent many time to search solve methods for you ,but this's not i should to do as i'm only a bios modder.

I found a way that may flash back to official bios , first go to the FX506LH's support page ,then download ASUS System Control Interface v3 and install it.

Then look this video and navigate to 1:13 ,you can know this program
can let you flash client bios under windows environment ,you could take a attempt.

I still have not know what options do you set to auto in bios ,what's the options name??

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It is uselesd i dissamble the laptop and there is no cmos battery i write to asus and speak suprvisor when he hear im not from u.s.a. rhey lie they cant help me. I love you man. Im very pissed in the moment i record video and live stream. It is inknown how it go. Maybe today i will call asus and will send them to Ship. Will send them dissambled laptop becouse maybe i cant assemble it. Include how i say this Ship feel with metals in my mouth. This is first time i dissamble Ship and it feel of metals in mouth maybe heavy metals. I didnt kiss it just touch it and didnt touch myself so this is clear toxic guys dont buy asus products. If need i will paste chat with asus lie workers
Man european version come with two video card inhel and nvidia. Intel work in general nvidia is working only for games.
Here is live steam record
The 10th gen laptop should have a product warranty still, have you consider send it to asus service center?

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Acces contro need license.
I didnt slerp all night and assemblelaptop. [censored] there is no battery how it work then.

Quote:Acces contro need license.
What the meaning?

1. Press power button and hold on for 40sec ,it could reset the cmos  ,please try this way many times. From many user's feedback that i'm sure it's available.

2. Can you find the similar power plug on the motherboard?it should a cmos batter's power plug.
[Image: my704gm.jpg]

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