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[REQUEST] Gigabyte Aorus 15p XD Unlock
Hello there I would like to get some help with modding my Gigabyte Aorus 15P XD bios.

I got the file already dumped I just need somebody to unlock the bios for me so that I can undervolt please

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rar   biosreg.rar (Size: 4.48 MB / Downloads: 4)
Looking to have my bios unlocked with all options for undervolt cores etc. Current bios is fe02/f004. willing to donate a bounty and have another user willing to pitch in as well. s FE02/F004
Hello Team, my name is Pablo, I come to you in desperate need of a Bios Guru, although I have sent an email to @guru239 asking for assistance, here is my dump file
.rar   dump.rar (Size: 4.56 MB / Downloads: 2)

Nevermind, I just learned that BIOS FE09 cannot be modified like this and that I need a programmer to do it, I thank you for your attention, I feel disappointed in Gigabyte for locking the bios on us.

I have a question. I have an Aorus 15P XD and would like to undervolt my CPU.
For that I need to unlock my BIOS. I have never done something like this before and am a little bit scared of breaking my new device. Could you help me please to unlock my bios ?

Thank you very much in advance.
Hi all, this is my first post here. I am looking to unlock the bios on my Gigabyte Aorus 15P XD laptop. I have trawled through every post I can to see what is required and have found it's not the easiest bios to unlock.

Bios version is FE09, which I understand cannot be flashed more than once and to mod it I need a spi programmer. So I have bought a CH341 programmer and am awaiting a WSON8 clip; as I have no intention of unsoldering the chip.

[Image: e4b46da5d965027b017c55a08b964b5639fed7a3.jpeg]

From the guide's I've read, I feel confident that I can flash the bios but I am not confident about that actual unlocking/modding of the bios. 

Would someone be kind enough to make me an unlocked version. I have dumped the bios to a .bin file, attached.

Thanks in advance.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4.98 MB / Downloads: 3)

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