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[REQUEST] Pegatron M2N68-LA/HP Narra5-GL6: BIOS Unlock
Hello just bought a aio cooler but can't control my fans in bios. Just looking to have access to fans nothing else.
I saw that there is a 5.49 with hardware monitor and fan controller can I upgrade I have 5.48 also willing to just unlock mine.

Thank you    

Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
I figured out how to get into hidden settings on my bios with no updates. I hit ctrl f10 during boot up and I had more features..this may work for others

Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
(11-04-2012, 01:12 PM)willibrord87 Wrote: Hi there guys !

im new to this forum and just signed up because i've a major problem for about 2 weeks now which i cannot solve.

I have got a HP P6203W
MOBO: Pegatron Narra5
Bios: phoenix technologies 5.55 12/08/2009

I wanted to reduce some noise from my computer by replacing the CPU fan,
so i changed the original fan for a Noiseblocker-Multiframe M8-S1.

Now when i start up the computer; the fan slowly turns around , and i then got an CPU fan error before windows fired up. I can get past it by pressing F2 but its annoying to do so every time i start up. Plus I don't think the fan is turning fast enough.

I already tried checking cpu fan settings in the bios, but i have the blocked bios.
No fan settings here.

Do one of you guys have any clue about how to get my CPU fan working properly again or maybe a bios update for my motherboard ?

Any help would be very much appreciated !

thanks for your time

I think you have to press both Ctrl & F10 keys at the HP boot logo screen to access the hidden fan control settings on the advanced menu.  I did this on my hp m8417c computer (using an M2N68-LA Narra3 {board revision 3.02} but should also work with Narra5 {board rev 5.0x} where I kept on hitting Ctrl + F10 at the hp logo screen and the fan control options showed up where they can either be enabled or disabled

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