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Xeon 5160 (771) confirmed working on Dell Inspiron 545 (DG33M06)
Here it is.
Too big picture
Download SYMCMOS and run in native(!) DOS:
Post file old.txt
SYMCMOS <options>
-? show this help
-D program BIOS default values
-S[filename] produce symbolic report file
-L[filename] produce literal report file
-U[filename] update CMOS using script file
-C[filename] combine build files
-F[filename] use combine file for report
-V0 disable logging
-V1 enable error logging (default)
-V2 enable verbose logging
-V3 No CMOS update and verbose logging
Then reboot, enter in BIOS and change Virtualization Technology to disable.
Save and reboot in DOS again.
run in native(!) DOS:
Post file new.txt
more than a year later comes my comment.

i just got a bunch of inspirons 545 motherboards, the DG33M06 which i was trying to use with some quadcores, but it seems this board doesn't like th bsel mods with tape. I searched the forum and found a topic about hidden settings on the inspiron 530 (DG33M02 i think), the thing is i would love to make the bsel mode to a q9400 from from 1333 to 16000 mhz, aparently the PLL is a Silego 84516BT does support a 400 mhz bus selection.

You seem the only ones in all the internet talking about this board and i wonder if such a thing is possible, i am very new to hw modding at this level, can a motherboard with 1333 max specifications, turn into a 1600 supporting board ?

i got plenty of dg33m06 boards to play with, i even have a floppy drive and some disks to reflash the firmware in case of a bad flash.. so.. i would love to play if you have the interest and the time.

best regards.
(01-26-2018, 11:48 AM)miguel.arce Wrote: can a motherboard with 1333 max specifications, turn into a 1600 supporting board ?
Thanks, i see.  

its just that DG33M06's PLL does list the 400 mhz bus selection so i thought it might be possible for the board to actually run at 1600 mhz fsb and it was just a bios restriction or something like that.

thatks for your replay.


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