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Upgrade CPU Samsung R580
Hello everyone.
What I do have:
-Samsung R580 (Bremen-M v1.3 i5-430M/GF-330M)
-740QM/840QM not working, no init, black screen (1, 2, 8GB RAM sticks tried)
-Tried 10JB, 06JB Bioses, 106E5 microcodes are present (Clarksfield), HM55 chipset
-There is the same notebook but with AMD graphics on board that runs 840QM/16GB Ram
-According to a service manual and a boardview I got I can assume:
---Platform supports Arrandale/Clarksfield (can detect VTT_SEL)
---My setup (notebook) is already configured as discreete GFX only (R143 resistor is set on it's place by factory)
---According to a block-scheme at the top of service manual GF-330M is connected by x16 PCIe lines and all video-out interfaces are coming from Nvidia GFX, so no Intel HD needed as a transmitter.
---No Intel HD GFX in Dev Manager is present as well (i5-430m)
Accordig to:
"Your Satellite L655's BIOS has the microcodes needed for a Clarksfield (first generation mobile Core i7) to work, but I don't know if the APIC table supports it.
Download Read & Write Everything v1.7 from this website, then run it and click on the 'ACPI' icon on the top portion of the screen. You should see a window popping up that shows a couple of tabs with differing names, but the tab that you should be looking for is the APIC tab. Click on the APIC tab and look for an entry called 'Processor Local APIC Structure'.
For a 720QM, 740QM, 820QM, 840QM, 920XM, and the 940XM to work, it must have at least 8 entries of the 'Processor Local APIC structure' showing up in the APIC table. An easier way to find this out is to check the highest 'ACPI Processor ID' number. If it shows up to 4 entries, which should be seen as 'ACPI Processor ID 0x03', you cannot upgrade to any of these Clarksfield processors. However, if it shows up to 8 entries, which should be seen as 'ACPI Processor ID 0x07', you can upgrade to any of these Clarksfield processors."
I checked mine and yes, only 4 entryes it has (checked in RWE and AIDA64). So:
-Is it possible to mod it at all (to add such entries - "Processor Local APIC structure")?
-Is it possible to ask someone to do that for me? (Attached my BIOS)
-If it is possible at all but I need to make it on my own - just point me where to dig, what program/tool to use.
Thanks for reading.

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Read this thread attentively.
(04-01-2024, 02:30 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: Read this thread attentively.

I thought that was the most correct thread to ask cause I do have Samsung R580 and I need to upgrade it's CPU but I provided some extra information and based on that I formed a more direct request on what I need. Should I ask somewhere else here on this forum? Sorry, I really don't get what I did wrong.
I read it before, some said it might be caused by Nvidia Optimus - it's not, such technology is not present here. It's a power saving technology that can turn the iGPU at idle but no - there is no iGPU as an option here at all. Just an external discreete GPU. TDP is not a problem for startup either.
No way for quad core CPU.
(04-02-2024, 12:19 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: No way for quad core CPU.

While it had any of xxJB version of the BIOS it had no support for Clarksfield but after I flashed 08JA BIOS from the same platform/HW but another submodel of R780 it started to work. It added extra 4 APIC entries and now there are 8 of them. Here is a link to a zip file with a screenshots and the 08JA BIOS with a clean ME region. Only bug I saw is 0C temp of system board and average CPU, per core works fine. As for thermal interface I used PTM7950 and cause of that it remained pretty silent and cool. And 16Gb of RAM are working now too.

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