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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
I went back through the posts in this thread and i seen TheWhiz a pretty og forum member flashed his with abit bios can you let me know which bios you are using for the mod and dump and upload to me please... there is alot of diff mods for these boards but i believe i can get your board to run a much newer bios from a different board if you can remove the chip and replace with 1mb chip then use the ECS Geforce 6100pm-m2 v3.0 bios should boot no problem uses the exact same chipset as the original mod used aside from few min differences. if you dont have that access send me the abit retail bios your using on your board or the ECS one this board seems to be jack of all trades lolol chipset is wide open lolol
quote That is the link where the bios I used is at. I flashed that to the exact directions. It is the abit bios. I will look when I get off work to try and find a 1mb chip. Could you provide a link to make sure I get the right part? I will also invest in a chip puller. M613Z_19.BIN is the name of the bios file I used. I would also like to know if I would need to replace any capacitors to run hotter chips? I have no issues doing that kind of work as far as the soldering but I haven't acquired the ability to choose components.
yes im sorry but the link is dead ill need a bios dump from your chip and can you visually inspect it if possible or tell me the chip Id so i can look up the corresponding schematic i believe it may use a general purpose adapter for 512kb bios function but since the cpu and chipset is used in exact other boards or pretty closely enough i believe you can adapt the existing socket to run a 1mb bios with no issue i cant be a hundred percent cause i dont have the schematic but honestly just looks like that board was common at the time the design was mass produced sold to companies under cheap agreements most id have to say is probably change voltage or etc to get cpu to boot which can be done through a pll pin mod in certain cases..... I am currently working on PLL mod seems infromation is scarce as [censored] these days but i managed to get schematic for board im working on and am going to create a pin mod that works eventually but messing with general purpose registers and real mode programming is intensely boring lol really good tutorial on bios modding subjects here
quote This is the name of the chip you should buy its the same pin package more addressable memory so the ECS bios will fit also i found a better matched board as i realized yours has 2 pci slots and 4 dimm slots i found ECS MCP61M-M3 bios which matches the chipset down to the ite and even the sound board i believe so it should be just a matter of more addressing space on the bios chip which will be solved with the new plcc32 chip... things you need to have
ch341a or other programmer with plcc32 adapter
1mb bios chip buy off amazon or ebay etc etc copy model number to search field
after you have all that then flash the chip with the contents of of the rom file i uploaded then pull chip and replace with new ecs bios one if it doesnt work change back and ill see about the award mod in few days etc etc

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 726.68 KB / Downloads: 5)
Thank you my friend. I have some shopping to do now. I have ordered the programmer and adapter and now I will wait. I got the one that will need assembled and may take a week or two to get everything I need. That chip is expensive! lol. Not even sure it's worth the expense but you only live once so what the heck. Thank you again and I will post again when I get things prepared.
I have to warn it is just my educated guess it will work if look for cheaper plcc32 1mb if you want I just grabbed first one available on mouser. I will try to mod award bios if it doesn't work that way cpu microcode might be in hp designated registers I believe anyway then you can use throttle stop or etc. Will take me week or two currently working.
Ciao a tutti come faccio a modificare la tensione della Cpu? non riesco a trovare i settaggi
Greetings, I have a Nettle2 (rev. 1.0b) mobo in a6210(a6000) HP case with 5.17 bios. How many chanсes to run Athlon II X2 255 in it? Will be success if I flash Abit bios to the board?
Neither Phenom 8650 nor Athlon II 255 not start with modded bios. Coolers starts and black screen only.

In Post #440, you laid out some Phenoms you were able to get working.

Any chance you have a BIOS to support a Phenom X4 9350e (HD9350ODJ4BGH) in an mcp61pm-hm rev 1.0b motherboard?

It "seems" like a 9350e would fall nicely within that lineup you noted.

It's a 65w Chip, but when turning it on, it only starts fans (power light remains off).

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