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Archive for October, 2009

Site Adverts

Hey Everyone As you may have noticed , Bios Mods now has advertisements displayed at the bottom and the top header of the site. These ads gain us revenue which will be able to fund towards upgraded web hosting. We would be pleased if you could click the odd ad for us – we dont earn much from it and do not make any profit at all (Paid Web Hosting Comes Out at $5 per month , we have earned 90c from ads in 2 weeks!) Kind Regards Admin … Read the rest

New Site Admin (Temporary :P)

Hey Everyone I am going on holiday tomorrow for 4 weeks. In the meantime , i have promoted TheWiz to step into the shoes of site Administrator. See you all in a month! 1234s282 … Read the rest

Forum Requests Cleanup

Hey Everyone Over the course of the next day or 2 we will be having a general cleanup of all old threads that fit the following criteria:- Request never confirmed (No feedback) , Request not possible to mod at the time , thread went completely off topic , mods which people reported bricked their computers Kind Regards Administrator … Read the rest


Hey Everyone We are currently experiencing a few problems. I logged in this morning to find an email “Your Hosting Account Has Been Suspended”. Seems like something (Or SOMEONE) was taking the server resources. After getting unsuspended , i successfully got bios mods back , only to find that the most recent post was 2nd October!.… Read the rest

Faster Blog!

Hi Everyone This morning we moved the blog over to a different host , and there has been a noticeable improvement in loading time. We are now looking at different wordpress themes that we could possibly use to make the blog look a bit nicer Regards Admin … Read the rest

Computer Hotfix Down For Maintenance

Forum Back – Restore Problems

Hey Everyone Just tried to restore the database to October 7th , to recover deleted sub forums and posts , but even though the backup restored correctly , the posts didnt appear! Just to let you know that we couldnt get the posts back , but have added the subforums again and the number of registered users doesnt seem to have been affected Regards Admin … Read the rest

More Spamming!

User: Coolboy Email: IP Banned , Email Disallowed , Username banned , Permanent Aaccount Ban , reported to ISP Sorry for inconvenience we are working on restoration now Admin … Read the rest

Expanding Our Modding Expertise!

Hey Everyone Just thought id bring your attention to 4 new sub forums which we opened today. You can now submit requests for RAID bios upgrades and VGA bios upgrades. These mods simply upgrade Onboard RAID and Onboard VGA to the latest version. In most cases , there wont be a better version but we will try our best to find one.… Read the rest