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Archive for October, 2009

Faster Blog!

Hi Everyone

This morning we moved the blog over to a different host , and there has been a noticeable improvement in loading time. We are now looking at different wordpress themes that we could possibly use to make the blog look a bit nicer :D



Computer Hotfix Down For Maintenance

Forum Back – Restore Problems

Hey Everyone

Just tried to restore the database to October 7th , to recover deleted sub forums and posts , but even though the backup restored correctly , the posts didnt appear!

Just to let you know that we couldnt get the posts back , but have added the subforums again and the number of registered users doesnt seem to have been affected


More Spamming!

User: Coolboy

IP Banned , Email Disallowed , Username banned , Permanent Aaccount Ban , reported to ISP

Sorry for inconvenience we are working on restoration now