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Archive for December, 2009

CBROM Extracts AMD Microcode!

Hey guys, In my wild attempts this month to extract the NCPUCODE.BIN< the main microcode file for AMD motherboards, I have finally “hacked” CBROM to release the module, and save a copy!!! I will be doing more testing to confirm, but all of you who have put in requests should start to see them answered TheWiz… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Merry Christmas Everyone!

From the Biosmods Forum Team to you, Merry Christmas! We are continuing or forum maitnence, and just may be adding some Christmas Tree goodies in the near future. We hope you have a good one! TheWiz and Crew… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

End Of Year Forum Maintenance

Hey Everyone As we approach the end of 2009 , Ive taken to cleaning up the forum a bit. Cleanup involves the following:- All Sub Forum Logo Icons correctly resized – Realised they should be 100px wide not 200 All Threads in the confirmed section which the user never reported back on have been deleted. So unless theres a “Thank you it works” or something along those lines we have deleted the thread. Slowly but surely , all confirmed threads are being renamed into the preferred format of MAKE MODEL BIOS VERSION SLIC Also ,  for SLIC only , we will be moving all of the separate “Confirmed” Forums (Award/AMI , Insyde , Phoenix) and all separate “Request” Forums (Insyde , Phoenix , Award/AMI) under 2 big sub forums of Confirmed SLIC Mods and SLIC Requests , to make it easier for users to work out where to post.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Update On Wifi Whitelist Removal Mods

After some careful research , I am happy to announce that we can mod Phoenix and AMI bioses for Wifi whitelist removal , aswell as Insyde bioses Regards 1234s282… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Christmas Pre-Present is here: Our competant Bios Modding staff delivers you some of the new ground-breaking technology that we have now implemented in the forum, whitelist removals for Insyde Bioses! We hope to have Phoenix added to the list too, but Christmas is still three days away, right?  Thanks 1234s282. TheWiz… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a happy holiday from the Biosmods Team! As Christmas rolls around, we hope to get some new goodies for you!  Merry Christmas! TheWiz… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Biosmods Is Now On Twitter!

Hey Everyone To further promote our site , we have redesigned the blog , added a site widget for Twitter and joined Twitter. You can follow us at Regards Admin… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Server Maintenance

Hi Everyone Apologies for the downtime , but we are doing some server maintenance and upgrading our forum software to the latest version Regards Adminstrator… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading