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Microcode Progress – AMI Now Possible , Phoenix Hopefully Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone Due to the availability of new tools and knowledge we are now able to attempt AMD AGESA upgrades for AMI bioses through the disassembly of the main 1B module. If you want to test , please make a post. Hopefully Phoenix microcodes will be possible soon , still learning with these though.… Read the rest

New AMD Microcode Discovered

Today while modifying an ASUS BIOS, I discovered a new NCPUCODE.BIN, which contains 28K worth of code instead of the usual 24K. Either this is upcoming code for future CPU releases, or I was missing some from the current series, I’ll see where we get with it. TheWiz… Read the rest

Update on AMD Microcode

I have finally cracked it. (Or at least I think so) In order for the updates to successfully work, there are routine tricks to make the Microcode read only, which prevents CBROM form actually editing whats in there or “combine”. So please make requests, so we can see what kind of progress we have made.… Read the rest

We Learn New Things Everyday

Well, I thought I would update you on the hard fought battle of CPU upgrading (AMD at least). We have finally learned that the ACPITBL upgrade is not neccesary, and bricks boards easy. What we did learn is that a careful and meticulous proccess is required for getting certain codes extracted in the right sequence.… Read the rest

CBROM Extracts AMD Microcode!

Hey guys, In my wild attempts this month to extract the NCPUCODE.BIN< the main microcode file for AMD motherboards, I have finally “hacked” CBROM to release the module, and save a copy!!! I will be doing more testing to confirm, but all of you who have put in requests should start to see them answered TheWiz… Read the rest