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New Technique in BIOS Modding Brings Great Success

As we continue our quest to enhance users BIOSes, a new general technique has emerged that has proven more successful than previously thought. Coined Retail BIOS matching, many of us here at BIOS-Mods have had great success unlocking motherboards that share similar characteristics to other retail boards. This concept is a rather new approach, as people were advised against it because the odds were so little of a successful flash.

So what has changed that is redefining this technique? The first major change is that BIOS developers are now programing in languages such as C over the traditional ASM model. This is true especially in CPU Upgrading, where AMD AGESA is written in C and contains a wrapper for vendor written code. This is a significant change because now we are seeing a new scope of coding where manufacturers simply tie their code into a wrapper or a DLL. As the source code becomes more universal, manufactueres simply concern themselves with the details, while the underlying source stays the same. With the evolution of coding in C, DLLs have also made their way into the BIOS. Looking at the bigger picture, with developers merging to a common middleground it has made modding even more realistic as certain BIOS ROMs have become more “compatible” and interchangable with others. Referring back to the AGESA module as an example, versions 3.x and up are now upgradable from almost any other BIOS, which means upgrading to future versions of Phenom on older BIOSes has become quite a reality.