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Archive for February, 2010

Intel UEFI Motherboard 2.1 SLIC Modding May Be Possible!

Hey Everyone Ive got some really good news for owners of Intel motherboards which use the UEFI framework (Newer BIOS). Up until now Intel boards couldnt be modded for SLIC 2.1 but after some hours of scouring the internet I found a post which i translated and am ready to provide to those willing to test.… Read the rest

Bios Chip Reprogramming Service Open

To All Of Our Valued Members , Now that my programmer has arrive , I am are happy to announce the official launch of our bios chip reprogrammming service. This is how its going to work :- TheWiz will be taking support requests from the US , as shipping will be quicker and cheaper.… Read the rest

New AMD Microcode Discovered

Today while modifying an ASUS BIOS, I discovered a new NCPUCODE.BIN, which contains 28K worth of code instead of the usual 24K. Either this is upcoming code for future CPU releases, or I was missing some from the current series, I’ll see where we get with it. TheWiz … Read the rest

Official Firefox Addon Development Notes

Hi Everyone Today I have made a post informing you all about our latest update – an official firefox browser addon for the biosmods Site! For more information and screenshots please see Regards 1234s282 … Read the rest