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Calling All Beta Testers!

As we continue to add new unlocked bioses to the forum, I have decided to launch a new beta project for the community. When someone requests a BIOS to be unlocked, it usually means we take the current BIOS (from the OEM) and unhide whatever may be locked. Now we have launched a new project, which the best demostration of today is the RETAIL bios for the Nettle2/Acer boards.… Read the rest

Server Maintenance

Tthis is a notice from our hosting provider, please plan accordingly! There will be a scheduled maintenance session between the hours of 1:00 am EST and 4:00 am EST on Monday, January 25th that will affect your hosting service. This three-hour maintenance window will be spent industriously upgrading the hardware on which your website(s) are hosted in order to ensure that you have the best possible system performance, reliability and uptime.… Read the rest

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone Wishing You All The Best For 2010 From All Biosmods Staff! To Start off the new year , we have chosen Gabe’s logo to replace the existing one , this will be updated shortly. We have also opened the Custom Logo/Boot Splash Screen Mod Request forum , for those users who would like a different splash screen Enjoy!… Read the rest

Merry Christmas Everyone!

From the Biosmods Forum Team to you, Merry Christmas! We are continuing or forum maitnence, and just may be adding some Christmas Tree goodies in the near future. We hope you have a good one! TheWiz and Crew… Read the rest

Update On Wifi Whitelist Removal Mods

After some careful research , I am happy to announce that we can mod Phoenix and AMI bioses for Wifi whitelist removal , aswell as Insyde bioses Regards 1234s282… Read the rest

Christmas Pre-Present is here: Our competant Bios Modding staff delivers you some of the new ground-breaking technology that we have now implemented in the forum, whitelist removals for Insyde Bioses! We hope to have Phoenix added to the list too, but Christmas is still three days away, right?  Thanks 1234s282. TheWiz… Read the rest

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a happy holiday from the Biosmods Team! As Christmas rolls around, we hope to get some new goodies for you!  Merry Christmas! TheWiz… Read the rest